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    Help me please!

    As I reported before, I had to scrap my model-kit shortly before it was done because some colors reacted in a bad way. I now what to know what cuased this …I just started with GunPla so I really can only take a guess what caused this.

    What happend is that a acrylic color got cracks when it dried. I attached some pictures showing this accident and some more pictures showing the colors (and the primer) I used.

    I had a first layer of Mr. Surfacer 1000 thinned with Mr. Color Thinner. On top of that a layer of H 19 Mr Hobby Color (a pink color, a laquer) also thinned with the Mr. Color Thinner. The problem started when I waited 2 weeks (to let the pink color layer dry) and then wanted to cover some party with the Tamiya Dark Gray (XF-24) which was thinned with X-20A Thinner. The Tamiya Color is a water based acrylic.

    My guess is that either the Mr Color Thinner or the H19 caused the Tamiya color to break.

    I really hope somebody can tell me what might have caused this 🙁
    Thanks in advance!

    • I have only had paint go crackie like that once. It was Tamiya acrylic over a clear coat. For me I think it was that something else was in the mix too. Be it soap from cleaning the bottle that I later mixed in. maybe another type of thinner. I had also tried thinning with isopropyl alcohol just to see how it worked. I ended up dumping the mix and the bottle of paint paint too. It hasn’t happend again. Maybe being more cafeful has done it. But to this day I still don’t know what really happened.

    • I am pretty sure nothin funny got into the can with the tamiya paint. I had sed it before and it worked fine. I even did test the paint on a plastic spoon today jsut to make sure. It dried nicely and did not crack.

    • I’ve heard the mr Color paints (even the lacquer ones) are susceptible to alcohol. Maybe the tamiya started to lift the layers underneath.
      If so all I could think oh of is misting coats until you build up enough paint.

    • I have no answers but I do have some thoughts on the matter. first off the Pink paint you have isn’t normal Mr. color paint. It’s Mr Hobby Aqueous. It’s not a lacquer like Mr. Color paints. It’s an acrylic which I’ve heard is pretty comparable to Tamiya paints. That being said, I have used Mr. Color Lacquer thinner with Tamiya paints without problems, and I’ve heard the same about Aqueous. I would either try reshooting them both using the same thinner, either mr color thinner or tamiya. Alternatively switch over to a single brand of paint.

    • Get your parts and strip them with gets paint off if you use a tootbrush even more so.use right primer, I use alclad grey primer a lot and use acrylic paints, tamiya and citadel are the 2 I use.i do not use enamel out of pots.i use alclad spray from bottles also.and I use alclad gloss klear and theres matt also.

      Rather than trying to find out whats wrong try the paints you have on their own on your left over bits from other builds.

      Dont mix them together, dont use them ontop one another and dont use that clear coat with them.

      Try your tamiya on their own with clear ontop after its the se with the other brands.just clear coat alone can cause paint to crack underneath it,also it can cause the paint to wadh off or smudge.

      This is why I say just stick with 1 brand/type of paint and 1 brand of clear.

      Thin your paints and apply in 2-3 layers allowing each to dry.wash your parts before painting starts to help with adhesion.if you dont wash your parts that can cause cracking and flaking.