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    Does anyone know where i can make report to Bandai that I’ve made an order from china that the image of the products PG 00 raiser from bandai, but when the package come to my address and Open it up the 00 raiser was from a third partry product. so i’m extremely upset

    thank to anyone who replies my request

    • Those moth@#%$^%@#$ers!
      I did a search on the net for you. There is no direct contact as e-mail to Bandai itself to be found.
      However I manege to found a link to their Chinese distributors, since it is purchased in China.
      They give three links to distributors. The last one is the one to contact I think.
      Hope they can help you out. And I hope this is a warning for future purchases. If it’s too good to be true, it is! China is always a shady country to buy brand names from. Like buying gold on beaches in like Turkey or Spain or Brazil and so on.
      I wish you good luck in your quest for redemption

    • you’re sol.. best bet is to go after the webstore you bought it through and try to get your money back if it’s from eBay or the likes of it. how much did you pay for it? is it close to the bandai retail price? as teetee580 said, lesson learned and chalk it up to experience. buy from reputable sources and any deal that sounds too good to be true probably is.

      • for more in depth details, the salesman was selling a Bandai PG 00 raiser for $64 from toabao (Chinese version of eBay) but when I recieve it, it came to be a non bandai product of PG 00 raiser

        • yeah, legitimate Perfect Grades wouldn’t be sold for that low price. that should have been your first clue. you can try to contact the seller and settle it first for a return and refund. you can also file a complaint to toabao saying the pictures provided by the seller is not accurate versus the merchandise you received. and maybe have them force the seller to do a refund if they do that type of guarantee to buyers.

    • In the worst case, here is your challenge: Make it looks like the real deal (or heavily mod it), show some modeling skills.

      Hope you didn’t spend too much on it.

      Here is a Chinese 1/1 Gundam to cheer you up (if there isn’t much you can do, at least get a laugh from it)