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    Can someone give me some information about MG 1/100 Exia, does the model kit have any place for LED units to fit in the head and GN-drive

    • theres a socket inside the gn drve for exia so it can light up the chest

      • Thanks btw I was pointing at the original mg Exia not the ignition mode, if the original kit have the place then Thank you thebanshee13

    • The original has the slots in the GN drive (one in the front, one in the back) but none in the head like the 00 and quan[t].
      However it doesn’t have a hole cut in the chest sticker (the one which goes under the clear green piece) which would allow for the light to pass through the small slot easily.

    • The GN drive can light up, front and back. The head does not light up. However, and this may have been just my MG Exia, the GN drive doesn’t hold together very well. Clear parts in it tend to fall inside of it(if there’s no LED unit). Still the kit over all is fantastic.