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    I want to clarify something, are we allowed to enter a entry that I’m going to use both this comp and GBWC but I haven’t started building or moding yet

    • So long as you haven’t posted pictures of it anywhere else in the net, yes. So long as you bought the main kit in HLJ, yes. So long as you can prove you are an HLJ customer, yes.

    • Don’t know what are the rules and timing of GWBC competition but rules here clearly state – you have to post at least 4 photos of work in progress and cannot post photos/videos of a model that takes part in competition anywhere else in the web.
      If you don’t break those rules by entering both – I guess you can.

      • Just for your information (I MAY BE WRONG). GBWC 2017 hasn’t been announced yet tho, which is quite odd because looking @ the previous GBWC finals award ceremony video they would announce the next year’s GBWC in the end of the video (for example on GBWC 2015’s award ceremony video they announce GBWC 2016’s on the end of the video). However, this year Bandai hasn’t state anything about GBWC 2017 especially with the closing of GFT (which has been used as the finals venue) this year. So yeah don’t get to hype about entering GBWC. There’s a possibility that this year there will be no GBWC.

    • If I remember right GBWC rules specifically say you can’t enter anything that has been entered in another contest before.