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    Season 2 begins!

    GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 1: The Boy Who Calls The Wind (ENG sub)

    • Fantastic episode! Cant wait to see more. Love the music as always. Wont spoil anything but I was not expecting what happened at the end at all. I also like how they touched on the issue of going out of bounds, which I don’t think they covered in season 1.

    • The part I find funny is that Mr. Ral has not aged a day in 7 years what is his secret!

      • Being old. 7 years is nothing, I can go longer than between haircuts. 😉
        What I want to know is why was he hanging out in the back high school? Wait, In fact I don’t want to know, but can someone call the police?

    • Great episode! They got Balls!

    • I am more wondering why Sei kept the trophy at the school. He wasn’t even part of the club. It would make more sense to keep it at the store no?

      Or maybe it was so that Meijin can see it everyday.