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    GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS-Episode 7: Encountering Fighters (ENGsub)

    • Best Episode Ever!
      I expect Bearguy III very soon. Can’t Wait.

    • Very happy with some of the developments of the show. Great seeing a team battle to take down a larger/harder foe. I was also sad to see the Build MK2 only last one episode hopefully Sei just does some repairs rather than build another suite just yet.

      • I’m waiting to see the big reveal of how Ral knows, or is known by everyone he runs into (I know he was in Gundam even though I haven’t watched the series).

        • frankly, i’m betting the teaser comment was for the upcoming star build strike plavsky wing. and so far, enjoying it and it only makes sense for them to have more then 1 ms to use. that way sei dosn’t have to rush repairs/upgrades and can ensure quality. and i can’t help but think that as they get into the world tourny event, time between matchs get’s shorter

          • If I was Sei I would have a box of Build Strikes just in case.

            • yes But I have a feeling story wise, somethings the strike prolly would be a bad match up against. Plus from tourny experiance, If people know what your running, they are one step closer to beating you. By being able to use different gunpla’s, it’s more skill then playing the ”meta game”.

              In reality it’s just a reason to push more kit designs. and frankly I;ve loved what BF has brought to us far as kits, this series really stepped up the game on HG scale. I went from being ”okay” with HG’s to loving them. (last foray was when wing was new, when they were as articulated as a late 80’s action figure, aka not very). Now you can get almost RG level poses at HG prices. (you can get 2 HGs per almost a RG, yes the RG has a frame, but when thier on the shelf collecting dust, big deal)

              Plus now with the more formal joint system (the all gundam project), it should at least at 144 scale give rise to alot more custom designs.

              frankly outside GBWC entries, alot of what one sees is mostly customized paint jobs, seeing a truely customized kit, that is truely unique, is a rarity as most of the gunpla community doesn’t seem to want to invest the time in scratch building.

              • I agree. I wish I could buy Gundam parts separately so I didn’t have to waste a whole kit for only a few parts to make to a custom model.

                • it’s called any of the parts services and hobby search (to get part # and runner).

                  i do know what u mean. atm i’m building a custom based on build strike, amazing booster and build mk 2