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    I guys. I’m feeling a burnt out so I’m doing some other kits atm. Lucky for me I have the time. I’ve been worried about the decals for a long time, having them can make a good kit great. Mine came today and they are perfect, thanks to Samuel Decal!

    • Just realised you are doing the leopard gundam from the same no grade series as my aisle strike . Thats one of the kits i have my eye on for my next paint project , i seem to like the lesser seen suit models i think , there are a few nice ones in the no grade 1/100 line i have my eye on. Look forward to seeing how yours turns out .

      • Thanks mate. I’m happy you’re taking an interest. If you are thinking of painting the Leopard check out WIP of the gatling gun. I modded the assembly to make it easier for painting. Tell me if it’s not there and you want to know and I’ll be happy to share with you what I did.
        BTW cool weathering on the NG Strike.

    • Duuuuude niiice duuuuude!

    • Very cool decals! Samuel it’s incredible! Good luck!