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  • Big Rich posted an update in the group Group logo of Gundam Build Fighters TryGundam Build Fighters Try 6 years, 5 months ago

    GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS – Episode 4: Gunpla Idol Kirara (ENGsub)

    • This by far my favorite episode in the series so far. I love how Sei talks about morals during the battle rather than another quick 1 2 punch its over fight. I am also starting to think Ramba Ral is a creeper the way he is randomly in the park bathroom and the way he yells Kirara’s name before the battle. Overall I am very happy with this episode Kirara’s Mobile Suit was a nice touch as well. On a side note I was laughing so hard because I just purchased the GM Cold District Type and its sitting in its box next to my computer so that was a funny moment for me.

      • i agree , i am planing a build b-party for my birthday and thats one suit i am going to buy. also if i found out some one tampered with my gundam suit like that ooh ill be evil.also she admmited she temparted with the model before the fight , so were the freaking nref that says ur disqulified. thier no rules agiant having ur kit build by some one else but she cheated !!

        • They have never stated that there are any rules so one must assume that gunpla fighting is similar in fashion to skateboarding and dance competitions in a way.

      • I posted this on Monday morning, but I don’t watch the episode until the evening.I have to spend all day trying to ignore everyone so the story doesn’t get spoilt. I agree with you @wldeyoung. Someone specifically asking for that kit was a bit random, they must not be selling many lol. Ramba Ral was creepy to start with but he’s hanging out with children so much that I want to call the police. LOL. Also I loved that Kirara’s name come from Kira’s but she’s a Lacus clone. I can’t wait til next week when we see the Gundam X Moah!

        • This series is intended to sell as many model kits as possible so it doesn’t surprise me that they had their Gundam 0080 GM advertisement in this episode. To newer younger audiences Gundam 0080 is ancient in their eyes. Kirara also mentions she watches the various animes, which has me thinking does no one know who Ramba Ral is if they have the anime in their world.

          • I wouldn’t read that much into it if I were you or it might ruin the show for you. It’s strange they went for 0080 as the was more character focused than MS action. I love that bit when they talked about gunpla and girl, I was thinking ‘Don’t target gunpla to young girls, target them to girls my age!!!’ If only Kousaka was 10 years older.

            • I really enjoy the show so I don’t think ill let something so silly ruin it was just an observation. The whole 0080 thing may just to get newer younger audiences informed that it existed. I grew up watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine/ Voyager not knowing about or seeing the original movies/show for years so I think its just a way to create interest.

              • You’re probably right. Speaking of Deep Space Nine, I need to go watch it. Odo is having is shapeshifting abilities removed.

                • Its crazy to think but Deep Space Nine is celebrating 20 years this year!

                  • I know! What’s more crazy is that i can identify every episode from the opening few seconds. I need to watch more tv shows lol.

                    • Dude! Im worse than that I can tell what episode it is by its title in the dvd menu lol. I need to go back and watch TNG I have not seen every episode of that series seen Voyage twice and DSP like 5 times.

                      • TNG is getting shown in HD on Syfy so it’s well worth rewatching it. I remember a slow news day years ago and they were talking about Star Trek being an addiction. I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel in need of a support group.

                        • Nice ill have to check it out. I think we just grew up in the golden era of Star Trek it was always around and on TNG/DPS/YOY and the TNG movies were all over the place int he 90s and early 00s.