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    Hi guys, these are some work in progress video I made for my M9 Gernsback ‘Chrome Boy’ custom (thanks for the name @cthulhu .) If you lie what you see please feel free to comment and or subscribe. I’ll have the finished kit video posted in a few days, probably next week.

    • @big-rich Yeah, Robocop junior is making progress! Chrome Boy looks really different now. I like it. In your place I would use the blue metalic only on details for panel linig (visor, shoulder armor) or small notches (legs, ankle piece, armguard) but not for complete pieces. I think it would interfere with the chrome. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s my opinion.

      • The clear blue is for another project, I just show’d you out of curiosity. The gun, knee guards and anything that is supposed to be a different color will be metallic black. Acrylic spray and enamel brush paint metallic black so it shouldn’t dissolve the chrome. I already did the gun, knee guards and they look nice! Enamel paint takes ages to dry properly but I should be finished for next week.
        Thanks for watching.