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    GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS TRY-Episode 14: Worthy Rivals (ENG sub)

    • I like the new Intro and Credits. I really do enjoy the new mech designs and battles in this series but for some reason I feel like it doesn’t have the same magic that the first season had. Overall I’m looking forward to what the National tournament has in store.

    • Well as far as set up episodes its nice, opened way for a bunch of characters and its nice to see old one return . the new models are awesome (may or may not had bought em already) cant wait to see how this all amps up, i was eager to see a fight or two with the SD star winning but ill accept this episodes cuteness.
      btw am i missing something on the european champ, i feel like i did.

    • crossbone gundam full cloth makes its appearance ~!!! Lucas nemesis the little boy from gundam build fighters season 1 is totally badass~~~ would been nice if they atleast showed a battle scene of him annilating team white wolf.