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    For those of you lucky enough to have the Gundam Build Fighters Try Original Soundtrack 01, but not lucky enough to have the track list in English, you might this helpful.

    Artists: Asami Tachibana, Yuuki Hayashi


    01. Tri-Fighters
    02. as bright and clean as a stainless mirror
    03. hitting the target, soul, sniper!
    04. Cancer Dabada cancer Dabada
    05. St. 凰学 Garden Gundam Battle part
    06. inking sweet! What are you doing!
    07.’s maiden …
    08. deadly hitting the target!
    and 09. fight intention is change the future!
    10. Ru Una glowing my hand this!
    11. Gundam March
    12. I stopped! Top coat!
    13. Mayoeru warriors
    14. Dokina, this Zakomeka Our
    15. Ochiro, mantis!
    16. not shoot aim melancholy
    and 17. It was a love, boy
    Bell 18. requiem
    War in the 19. Puratchikku
    20. Power is Complex
    21. uptown of school
    22. Shame, snob!
    23. such Gundam, I’ll fix!
    24. Hhahawahaha, after one aircraft!
    and 25. early Re Naa on Wednesday of next week
    Idiot disciple of 26. twilight
    27. I sad, this, 2 cool No’ll ne …
    28. sadness when midnight plug color is no longer in
    29. However Gitchon!

    • close enough, the actual traslations are thease.

      # Track Name
      1. Try Fighters
      2. Clear and Serene
      3. Hit the target, spirit, shoot!
      4. Gandabada Gandabada
      5. Seihou Academy Gunpla Club
      6. You call that panel lining?
      7. It’s a maiden…
      8. Sure kill right on the mark
      9. A will to fight can change the future
      10. These hands of mine shine with a roar
      11. Gunpla March
      12. Finishing blow! Top Coat!
      13. Lost Soldiers
      14. Out of the way, small fry
      15. Fall, Praying Mantis
      16. Unsnipable Depression
      17. I loved it, boy
      18. Bell of Requiem
      19. War in the plastic
      20. Absolute difference in power
      21. School on the foot hill
      22. Feel ashamed, philistine!
      23. I’ll fix this gunpla!
      24. Hahahaha! Only one unit left!
      25. Come on, let it be Wednesday already
      26. Youthful and foolish pupil
      27. It’s sad but there’s only 2 cours
      28. The sorrow of losing your paint in the middle of the night
      29. That’s a wrap