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  • Beork posted an update in the group Group logo of Advanced Modeler - Modeling Competition 2017Advanced Modeler – Modeling Competition 2017 2 years, 7 months ago

    Added a skirt from a Tamiya 1/35… Tank, forgot the name ^_^
    Also removed the sides and added some visual interest.
    And added a trench for the Gampfs spine, which I lined with plastic to create a sloped, raised area.
    All in the hope of creating a more interesting shape than the egg was at first.
    • Lots of good kit bashing with 1/35 scale tank kits…going to look really cool – I’m too chicken to take on something of this complexity.

    • Just buy some cheap kits at the flea market and try stuff. I’m no pro in any way, but I just dare to waste some money on a cool idea. ^_^

    • The problem is time. Do you think you can finish this in 3 months?

    • I sure hope so ^_ ^
      Shouldn’t be too much effort really, basic hull shape is almost done, then puttying and sanding.