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    Thanks all for all the viewings and feedback. it’s definitely a long journey for me. it paid off in the end. It’s a big surprise I got bumped to the Advanced catagory and came 2nd. Thanks HLJ for organizing this great event. It’s an eye opening experience to see the outstanding works from talent all over the world.

    • looks like i got bumped up too. considering that i had little experience with painting and LEDs i dont know whether to be pissed or happy that it made the cut

      • Yes you did. saw u entry in the advanced group. .. I love your led mods on the macross ship so much. so well executed. As u say.. not easy to pull it off with this small scale. I would love to get this kit too.. so much details!.. fun to see it coming to life

        • cheers mate, the only thing i can recommend if anyone is going to try something similar is to have a good supply of tiny drill bits and use epoxy glue for the fibre optics. model glue and super glue eats the stuff, and you wont know until you go to test the lights