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    My work space is a flippin’ mess but I just completed my first spray booth. I’ve been wanting one for years and with some help from my father as well as some encouragement from friends I made a trip to several hardware stores and got it put together in roughly 2 days.

    It’s a 3 foot wide by 2 foot tall box, the interior space I’ve to spray in is about 18 inches from the lip of the box to the surface of the filters. It’s got 2 50cfm fans for a total of 100cfm draw. There are 2 15w white light bulbs; one per side. I was having trouble getting the right size filter so I went with two smaller ones to make the difference.

    The bottom of the box has a layer of corrigated styrene as I planned to have a disposable work place should some major error ever befall me. I was just touching up the staple holes on the sides with some paint featured in the photo and nobody in the house could smell it. I couldn’t smell it and I was sitting right in front of it. Very happy with the results.

    Tomorrow when I’m fresh I intend to spray the inside of the box including the lights with neverwet to prevent messes and stop whatever color paint I’m going to use from runing that nice reflective white surface.