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    Well, after a lot of going back and forth with myself as to whether to scratch-build something or not, I realized I’m so swamped with projects that I don’t have time.

    So, I’m back to my original plan of building Zoukei-Mura’s 1/32 He 219A-0 with all the bells and whistles (since I wanted to have it done for the 2014 IPMS Nationals anyway and show it to Mr. Shigeta).

    • Interesting choice, looking forward to the build.

      • I gotta clear some other builds out of my studio first, so it probably won’t be until sometime in October before I can get to it. ZM’s book on the kit is waiting in my HLJ Private Warehouse, so I also need to get that shipped out to me (as usual, waiting for some other stuff to come into stock before sending the shipment order lol).

    • Nice kit, hope you have a good size display cabinet as they end up a good size.

      • Nah, the 1/32 B-17 and 1/48 B-29 are a good size. A 1/32 He 219 is downright compact in comparison. 😉 Anything that I build that won’t fit in one of my larger cabinets, I simply have a custom case built (although the 219 will easily fit in a cabinet)– no worries. =)