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    what does primer do exactly? and do they come pre thinned or do you have to thin it yourself? Also for thinning paint is it normally done with 3:1 ratio?

    • primer is basically something to make it easier to paint light colors over a dark base color

    • Actually, primer is something that is supposed to help the paint adhere to whatever surface you are painting. It can come in various colors. The usual colors are black, white, and grey. Vallejo’s line of primers come in many other colors.
      When priming a surface, it is ideal to let the primer cure for several hours (12-24 is ideal) before adding paint on top. There some primers out there that will actually etch themselves into the surface being primed. These are generally automotive primers.

      • Please take note that some automotive primers will NOT adhere to plastics, especially ABS!
        A good indication for this, if the same brand sell special primer for plastics!
        And Vallejo primers can be very tricky to work with….

        But to answer your question, most primers on’t need to be diluted. But this depends on the brand and type you use.
        As for diluting paint, mostly a 2:1 ratio is recommended. But this also depends on the brand and type of paint.
        What you are looking for is diluting both to a milky like substance, so a bit thicker than water.

        And please keep in mind what thinning agent you need to use for what type of paint and primer. Should you need more advice on this subject or diluting paint, please get back to us and state what type and brand of paint and primer you’re planning to use.
        Good luck and happy building