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    How do i use tamiya acrylic paint for hand brushing??? first time

    • Prime first if you are wanting the best results. Base color will effect the final result.

      For small areas and details, right out of the jar.

      For larger areas where you want a smooth finish thin with X20 (or other acrylic thinner) and put on multiple thin coats with a soft large brush.

    • I will add that you should use the Tamiya thinner (X20) when thinning Tamiya paints. It’s formulated differently from most other acrylic paints on the market. This means you might get some very bad results if you use a thinner intended for a different brand of paint.

    • Can use tap water to thin as well?

      • Not with Tamiya. The reason is that Tamiya is an alcohol based acrylic paint (as opposed to water). That’s why it has such a strong odor..