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  • Toobadgoo posted an update in the group Group logo of Q/A & Help GroupQ/A & Help Group 4 years, 10 months ago

    Hey guys! So im new to painting(hand painting btw) and was wondering with those acrylic paints(e.g. tamiya) do i apply the paint directly or do i have to mix it with paint thinner or water???

    • You can apply it directly, or thinned. Make sure that you use the right thinner though, as enamel thinner will cause acrylic to glob up. Acrylic paints you should be more and fine without thinning it out.

    • Hello there.
      Firstly, Tamiya and other Alcohol based “acrylics” need to be thinned with alcohol or Tamiya X-20A.
      Acrylics like Vallejo can be thinned down with water, but I suggest using distilled water or the thinning agent made by Vallejo. Some people even use Windex or any other Ammonia based cleaning agent for it.
      And second, it all depends on how thick the paint is. To get the best results with hand painting, you need to put on 3 to 4 really thin layers. This will get rid of brush strokes. In other words, it helps level the paint. In order to do this, the paint needs the consistency of thick chocolate milk.
      For Tamiya this is 75% paint, 25% thinner. For Vallejo this is about the same. But you have to experiment a bit with it, cause one bottle of paint from the same brand can be thicker then the other.
      A good tip is to get some Retarder. This inhibits the paint from drying to quick when it’s a bit hot. This will helps level the paint more, but as suggested needs to dry a little longer. But then you can get away with only two layers of paint and don’t need to dilute them. Be sure to get a Retarder from the same brand as the paint if you can get it. For Tamiya, which don’t make one I believe, you can use one from Mr.Hobby. They evne make a thinning agent which has retarder in it. It’s called Mr.Color Leveling Thinner.
      In any case, to get a good result acquires a lot of patience. It’s cheaper then getting spray cans or an airbrush, but in my opinion, is the hardest way of getting paint on a model. So I suggest beginning with an old cheap model which you don’t care for as much.
      Good luck and happy building

      • About the retarder. You dont have to use the same brand retarder as the paint. You can use general retarder for acrylic paints and it would work good. Im using retarder from Talens with both Tamiya and Vallejo paints (from non Air lines). Vallejo Air paints already have retarder in them so there is no need to add more – also despite being primarly made for airbrush they are also great for handbrushing (with a little bit of additional diluted water).
        PS. teetee there is Tamiya acrylic retarder – but i can get more than twice Talens (which actually is rather good retarder) for the same price.

    • Ah haha thanks guys! With definitely take note of all the advices