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    really wish i could post replies with pictures haha anyways heres some more KA shoulder progress.

    • I’m really liking the way you have those shoulders man.

      • thanks man! had to hollow out all the pegs and peg holes on the inside, glad i bought that dremel a while back. even though i was scared i was going to dremel right through the shoulder haha

    • They look even better in these pics. Can they still move up and down or are they completely static?

      • the guns can still rotate on the shoulder but, i’ve lost a tiny bit of arm articulation. they also clear the binders when rotating. thats what i’m really happy about.

    • Definitely loving the execution of the shoulders, but I dunno how I feel about the asymmetry the old shoulder spikes give. Since you’re not using the shoulder plates from the amazing, I’d consider transplanting the spikes from those over.

      • Cool. I like how you shifted the angle of the shoulders to give it a different look. About the old shoulders, if you have two different ones, why not use a different weapon on that side? That might help the asymmetrical look.

        • I like the way it’s turning out with those shoulders,and those massive gatlings. Im pretty sure that would destroy some stuff in a gunpla battle.