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    Cant decide on a color for the goufs heat rod. Was going to use sky grey but im kind of thinking about a metallic now. Anyone got suggestions.

    • Repeatedly heated metals wouldn’t have much of a luster to them, so I say go with the grey you were looking at initially.

    • As long as it is wrapped around Gundam’s neck, the color doesn’t really matter… 😉

    • I vote for the grey (probably a darker shade?) as well, or a flat-coated metallic if you really want to use one.

      • If say a grey too, possibly with some dry brushing to give somewhat of a worn I have slapped many a poor fool with this thing look

        • Alright i went with the grey. The gouf is fully painted. All thats left is to apply the decals and some light weathering. Im going do some drybrushing, add some rust and corrosion to some spots and dull coat. Should have him finished up tomorrow.

          I also tried out that liquid gold on sinanjus crests. Im going to hit that with some metallic black tomorrow. XD liquid gold looks AWESOME!

          And my strike came in today. Good day for gunpla!