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    hello, already submit my entry, here are more WIP pictures.

    • Nice… I thought you going for Nurburgring LFA color. But I like this blue too, and all the best to you, cheers mate 🙂

      • thanks bro, suppose to do the Nur orange, until i google other LFA colour option, and found out that Steel Blue and Black Amethyst are very nice. So choose steel blue instead.

    • Nice, I have one on my pile and I got the hobby design nurburgring detail up also, think I will build it in the nurburgring metallic yellow/orange though.

      did you find any breaks in the body,like the a pillars or bottom of the front or rear bumper?I recieved mine with a broke a pillar, then after inspecting it at a later date there was a crack in the front splitter and I frikkin dropped it, only onto the carpet and it bleedin cracked the rear bumper!

      I can appreciate a well turned out 1/24 car as I know it takes more work to put detail in and to turn out lovely paint jobs.

      • mine no broken when bought new in box, but really have to be careful at the pillar area and the 2 rear lower grill that beside the muffler end, this 2 area very thin and fragile, i broke mine in this built twice. This LFA kit a great kit. worth the effort to build it. i will get another one and built the Nur version in future.