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    Congrats to the winners!

    Java, I think your build is Amazing!
    There were so many good ones here. It was so much fun seeing things come together.

    • Hehe between Java and Beork I would tend to Beork, if it is about the main figure. But Java made a really sweet dio out of it.
      And yes! It is always extremly sattisfying to see WIP and chat about thechnics and solutions.
      Just browsing pictures and get some inspiration. The best, if you need a break on your own build.

      • I prefer Java in general because theres much more skill and vision involved. His finishing is a bit rougher, but that makes it more artistic in a a way.
        I on the other hand am techically less gifted and in principle just rebuild stuff others have done with some changes because I just dont have the same pieces.
        Not saying I mind getting 2nd of course, just that I think Java deserves it more

        • You both used different technics.. and the handcraftet armor of Java is epic. I But I love your alien-style design.. it is just porn. It is so elegant and unique .. thats pure art. Javas design is more classic.. humanoid.. You win in creativity. And the .. may it be simple.. finish just fits and feels right… its my personal opininion, cause I really love the design.

          • Well, its not my design, is what I’m saying. It’s based on a Kobayshi design and another modelers build thereof.
            Ah well, in the end the discussion doesn’t matter, taste and such I guess. I appreciate you liking it ^_^
            Did you see Javas build after this his entry?

    • No, not his entry, the other mech he built recently, I think its on facebook at least, not sure if its here too.
      Just mentioned it, as its awesome

    • Thank you very much ArchFluffy, sorry I did not reply sooner I just could not sign in for a few days to answer you. You did some sweet work yourself on your plane, you should be proud of it.

      • No prob, Java.

        The cat soldier in you entry cracks me up! It’s just great! 🙂

        Yeah, I love my 321Zero. Getting some attention from my fellow builders makes me pretty proud too. 😀