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  • Grab a drink and get comfortable, because our review of the new G40 Industrial Design Gundam is going to be a long one.

    Designed by the Ken Okuyama Design Studio, famous for designing the Ferrari Enzo as well […]

    • wish the skirt moves

    • looks like the RX
      candy ed.

    • It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I hope people at least appreciate the polycap free engineering of the kit.

      But where’s the industrial design Beargguy or Pucchiguy? Or even Haro? Missed opportunity.

    • Wow, that poseability… great review of an amazing HG kit, such great quality and realism! Really hope this gets reissued, would be a shame if they don’t do the 40th anniversary box again, but hey, it’s the contents that matter most!! XD

    • Hope they would release it as a regular HG, probably it has a corresponding Anime on the works, well probably

    • Looks like the designer of the G-Self laid his hands on this Gunpla Kit. Very round edges, very candy looking. Clearly, not my favorite when compared to the other RX-78-2 kits. There are just to many details missing (for such a special edition) and things like the shoulder armor are disproportionate (not bulky enough) looking. The legs are to bulky for the rest of the parts. His feet look like he wears sporty sneakers and the color scheme is awful and missing a lot of contrast. Definitely not a Gundam that has to be on my shelf. Thanks for this review and for saving money for my final decision for not buying this kit.

    • Among the best HGs ever made. Its that good that I dont even consider it a HG, its on its own level. Although that free moving waist armor is concerning.

    • 40 minutes for a 40th Anniversary kit, I find that very appropriate.

    • RX-78-2 is always my favorite, This design is very different than the other HG RX-78-2. I am hoping to get at least one if they ever available again.

    • BNuts replied 1 month ago

      My favourite variant on the RX-78-02 design is the 0 Gundam from ‘Mobile Suit Gundam 00.’
      My favourite non-standard HG build remains the HGUC Sinanju, however I have not yet gotten my hands on the HGUC Moon Gundam.

    • Seeing how poseable this kits is gives me hope of all new and different kits for the future.

    • This thing has a lot of weird, yet useful, articulation points.

    • The articulation are insane for a HG.

  • I heard about that, but we definitely don’t have it 🙁 I plan on having an unboxing up the day it arrives, and we’re expecting that day to be the 19th (though orders will take up to 24 hours for processing after it gets here).

  • He hasn’t graced the office with its presence this year!

  • Thank you very much! We’re fortunate to not get much snow in Tochigi 🙂 It does get pretty cold, but probably not Canada-cold!

  • That’s true, but we didn’t want to leave them out 🙁

  • The design is definitely different, but Bandai lists it as an HG kit, so we’re going to keep it on the HG list!

  • That sounds like a challenge 😀

  • Haro, everyone! We’re taking a look at the Pink Haro — or Haro-Chan, as he is known on “Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny.” With the ability to light up, and with a translucent exterior, we had to get our hands on […]

  • One of the most hotly anticipated kits of the year is in! It’s none other than the Ken Okuyama HG RX-78-2 G40 Industrial Design Version kit! While the initial boxing may be limited, we hope that eventually, the […]

    • Great! Thank you!

    • Ju-Ju replied 1 month ago

      The G40 is a very nice kit, I hope there will be a matching Char Zaku II.

    • The Mobile Doll series so far has been amazing with May and Sarah being perfect introductions to the new line. Its probably because the mobile dolls have robotic features when in mobile suit form that makes them great to display next to regular gunpla models.

    • merry Christmas

    • happy holidays

    • Hard to vote for some kits, if they have not been released at the time of the survey.

      • Anna replied 1 month ago

        That’s true, but we didn’t want to leave them out 🙁

    • Shame that the Gundam’s out of stock, here’s hoping for a reissue! Can’t believe I missed news of a 1/60 Mazinkaiser, I so want to get that! That price though… gotta start saving up!

    • Hg gundam G40 looked cool i admit, but this morning i saw a live build of the MG Gundam Barbatos on zakuaurelius youtube channel, and the kit looks amazing right out of the box.. the build in itself looks great !

    • Model kits for all ages, from 3 years with this EG kits to 18+ with the Dark Advent kits.

    • Oh Runner Tree oh Runner Tree,
      Made up of sprues majestically,
      Oh Runner Tree oh Runner Tree,
      Upon your branches Ball I see.

    • BNuts replied 1 month ago

      There seem to be a lot of kits this year based on the basic Gundam’s design: The G40 Industrial, all of Hiroto’s Core Gundam Planet System variants, the GBN-Base, Seltzam Gundam. Not a complaint, just an observation.

    • What happen to the prize from Gunpla TV Episode 338?

    • In case I forget: Happy Holidays to everyone at HobbyLink Japan! may you have less snow than we do in Canada this time of the year (and be less cold).

      • Anna replied 1 month ago

        Thank you very much! We’re fortunate to not get much snow in Tochigi 🙂 It does get pretty cold, but probably not Canada-cold!

    • Kind of random question, but are you guys only interested in Gundam model kits, and not any kind of action figure line? I love most of the Gundams from Metal Robot Spirits, even if they are expensive.

    • Apparently some US stores received early shipments of the MG Barbatos. Do HLJ already have stock by chance?

      • Anna replied 1 month ago

        I heard about that, but we definitely don’t have it 🙁 I plan on having an unboxing up the day it arrives, and we’re expecting that day to be the 19th (though orders will take up to 24 hours for processing after it gets here).

    • Where’s the leg lamp, Todd?

      • Anna replied 1 month ago

        He hasn’t graced the office with its presence this year!

    • Can we get an industrial version of the spru tree?

    • Love that Gunpla tree. I’m making my own too. Happy holidays to Earth and the colonies.

    • dyc replied 1 month ago

      Happy holidays in advance!

    • I have seen the poses of HG Gundam G40 (Industrial Design Ver.). Articulation is really good and I loved it.

    • It’s too bad, I couldn’t get a hand on the G40. Looks good.

    • I hope the G40 will be restocked in the same manner. I will definitely get it just for the uniqueness. And you just have to love that tree.

    • Awesome tree made of… Trees

    • You guys did such a good job last year at Gundam base that we could do with some coverage of this GBWC entries.

  • To help you vote in our Best Gunpla of 2019 poll, we’ve put together a quick reference of all of the standard Gunpla releases of 2019!

    These releases do not include exclusives or P Bandai items, as we think […]

    • If Mobile Haro doesn’t at least get an honourable mention, then something has gone terribly wrong.

    • Gundam G40 (Industrial Design Ver.) is not really a High Grade, its on a whole new level compared to most Grades this year.

      • Anna replied 1 month ago

        The design is definitely different, but Bandai lists it as an HG kit, so we’re going to keep it on the HG list!

    • Imagine doing one but for the past decade ._.

    • Savvi replied 1 month ago

      I got myself a few P-Bandai. Shame they’re limited to certain countries. I’m glad some online shops in the UK have some stocked.
      This year, I didn’t really get much gunpla. I got 1 2019 kit, MG, Zaku Warrior, I love a Zaku. That’s the only Kit I got released this year :/ However, catching up the news on Gunpla releases, there has been a few unexpected releases and some are just HUGE. 😀

  • It’s here: the 40th anniversary Gunpla itself: the HG Gundam G40 Industrial Design Ver. We first saw this kit revealed at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show earlier this year. It’s designed by Ken Okuyama, and its […]

    • Well crumbs. Should have got in on this sooner. Still, if nothing else I’m hoping to see some of the techniques used here moving into the rest of the HG line.

    • The overall parts look amazing, definitely above any HG produced so far. I just wish it had a more sharper look instead of the round-ish torso and head sculpt. I do appreciate that they include yellow eye stickers as its more appealing for the RX-78-2 styled kit.

  • I hope so, because I need that in my life.

  • I only know this because other people have pointed it out, but you can get the same thing through by buying a couple of other products:

  • It looks like I missed the photo of the first section of instructions, so we’re starting the Kyurem build with this photo of the completed first page! It builds the head and part of the torso, including the […]

  • Kyurem is a Generation V legendary Pokemon, which can’t evolve but can have two additional forms (Black and White). This 2011 Pokemon Plamo release covers the standard version of Kyurem in a very simple […]

    • Red and Blue were my jam. Whilst they certainly had their fair share of oddities… What exactly am I lloking at…? It’s a nice looking kit. I just… It’s an angles dog with gramaphone shoulders…? I’m so confuse.

  • On this episode, we’re looking at Frankenstein from “Fate/Grand Order”! But this isn’t the typical Berserker Class Frankenstein, Max Factory has brought her to life in her Saber Class form, which means she’s […]

  • A new Haropla has appeared — the Haropla Zakrello Haro is here! Molded in yellow, this little Haro has thrusters(?) on the bottom to give him a boost, and… blade arms. Best of all, the design of the box is […]

    • These are great for army building, you do not want to underestimate an armed Haro. Now we just need a RX-78-2 variant of Haro for the 40th anniversary.

    • I just wish the stickers for the scythe arms weren’t, Y’know, stickers. Still, soon as the festive season has done draining my resources, I need to pick up at least two maybe three of these. Two for display, one for a pokemon themed custom… No prizes for guessing which.

  • December is here, and the end of the year is near! After a few weeks without many notable new releases, Bandai kicks off the month with a number of new Gunpla! These exciting new kits include the limited RG NU […]

    • wish they make a revive series again such as the kapool

    • Nice effect parts, sadly I have my Nu Gundam from the normal release.

    • Great product line-up, that Nu Gundam effect part kit looks amazing! I’m going to pick one up! And please don’t get rid of the packaging, I like my boxes undented and my goods undamaged, haha! XD

    • Great! Thank you ^_^

    • I wonder when they will make more MG sets for the Build Diver series, some of the Gundam are just too good not to be made in MG size.

    • With the effects set, the fin funnels are not just for show.

    • It looks like you are going to have a busy December for building the new kits.

    • Haros and Pikachu only getting my attention.
      I’ll stick with my MG Ver.Ka Nu Gundam. 1/144 scale is not my cup of tea.

    • The HGBD:R Mobile Doll May has been announced. Looks like Mobile Doll Sarah’s going to have company. Will Bandai release a Wodom Pod model though?

      • The more EL-Diver Mobile Dolls we get the better. They are way nicer because they have that additional mecha option for the kit. I could honestly go for an entire line of EL-Diver kits in the same style as Sarah or May.

    • Imagine having a fleet of cybertrucks to deliver gunpla.

    • Interesting indeed.

    • the effect parts look so good, hope future gunpla get this treatment
      still waiting on the prize since Gunpla TV Episode 338

    • I find it bizarre when and how Bandai decides to include waterslide decals with what kits. It seems like waterslides are commonplace for the “Mecha Collection” kits… except certain ones from like Macross Delta and others only get low-resolution stickers. Most Gundam kits don’t have waterslides, but some will, and others will even have dry-transfers… It’s just all over the place with them.

    • Gundam Seltzam reminds me of Guren Seiten from Code Geass, with that crazy big red arm.

    • I can’t wait for the RX-78-2 Industrial Design comes out. Sucks that when I can’t even get a chance to order it. I hope they’ll have more coming.
      The Nu Gundam RG looks seriously attractive.

    • Unboxing and opening a figure from its vacuum formed cover is a perilous business, those small parts try to make a break for it like they have been planning an escape from their plastic coffin.
      As the parts pop out and take to the air one wonders if it’s the packaging is to blame or commend for this startling occurrence which elevates this mundane task to the level of heart pumping adventure denoting the precise moment when the ‘boxed’ becomes the ‘unboxed’ leaving no Schrödinger’s moment of duality.
      This phenomenon is seldom referred to and even less commonly recorded which perhaps could qualify it as a factor in future reviews.

    • Choice is important and the concept that I was advocating was one offering an option for those situations when reduction would be suitable. Todd’s reply about HLJ’s building and transport was encouraging and I commend them all for their efforts.

    • 2020 is soon, what kit do you guys are excited for?

    • They really need to change up the next HARO for me to buy another. Like made a HAROBE or HARO from Gundam AGE.

    • Hello, this rg nu gundam really looks just awsome.. and to answer to Momentai ; what kit am i exited for ? A lot ! I intend at som point to try making a custom Striker gn-x with Sw and sv weapons maybe.. still thinking about it. I really wish that someday bandai would release all hazel models in regular stuff and not just in p-bandai.. A kit i would like is the MG rx121 tr1 Hazel custom.

    • I want to throw out a prediction. Probably going to be way off, but hey.

      You’ve got a Haro that’s not been revealed yet. I’m probably one of the few to gamble on a preorder of them. Two in fact.

      The interesting thing is that the “coming soon” image also features Sanrio in its trademarks…

      Are we about to see a Haro Kitty…? Possibly based on the Momoharo? That’s my bet.

    • dyc replied 1 month ago

      Love the update for December!

  • The RG Nu Gundam Fin Funnel Effect Set is finally here, a change of pace in the steady stream of HGBD:R kits that we’ve been seeing. This kit is a limited edition, meaning it’s possible that once current supply […]

  • The latest “Re:Rise” kit just arrived at the warehouse: the HGBD:R Gundam Seltzam! Its unique design features an oversized articulated arm — the Seltsam Arm (very creative, of course) — and a big ol’ […]

    • I wonder how stable that arm is. I can only imagine it would start to drop later on.

    • I do appreciate that the long arm has symmetrical fingers at the ends. You can probably get one more of this kit and make a truly long arms mech.

    • I like the Zelly, but not as much as I like his one weirdo arm. Probably would want to get a pair of the option kits with the arm… Though, trying to make a symmetrical pair of Zellies could be fun…

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