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    I’m entering this again hoping to do have better luck than I did in 2013. I was planning this build for a while but this timing is brilliant. The build I’m preparing this year will be a kitbash of the GM Striker ( which I already have through my wife for my birthday and a kit I’m waiting on from my father in law who is ordering it from the hlj site of Gundam EZ-SR ( I will post my preparation of the first kit for priming soon then when I have the second kit I’ll post that as well.

    Modifications will be as follows:

    -Transferring of armor panels from Striker to SR.
    -Selection of head part modifications.
    -Kitbash specific paint job and decals.
    -Use of some builders parts and combination of unique equipment.
    -Custom display card for GP Base display (GP Base not to be considered a part of the final kit).

    If this would be disqualified for any reason let me know now o I can decide on a new entry overall.