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    So, the new sailor moo… ejm, sorry, the Macross Delta pilot is out.
    My review?
    Dancing mechs, Tiny drones that project force fields and backup dancers, pink fire and explosions, transforming glowing generic Jpop band, annoying main characters, battles that look like a party, with lights and everything, valkires that look like they belong in aquarion instead of macross…
    did I miss anything?
    Its worst than I expected, this makes Macross 7 to look like the a piece of art, and that anime was very, very bad.
    your thoughts?
    (please keep it civil, not everyone likes the same)
    • Probably will skip this series. Or just buy the kits when they come out AND paint them military style.

      The most annoying part of Frontier is when the solders are communicating with each other & mothership, all you hear is music.

    • I might skip the kits as well, they look like kites instead of planes.

    • Not the kits though. I don’t usually care about the story or history behind a kit. The suits look like Frontier upgrades. If the prices are good, I’ll get them & change the color scheme a bit.

    • made some time I didn’t went in !
      Same feeling for me, just saying that on FBook…

      Since the transformation f the drakken still give me a hint, I’ll wait, but I don’t think I will buy any
      Except if they make 1/60 destroid cheyenne, so that I can downgrade it as a ZERO cheyenne MkI…
      Unless it will be sooooooooooooooooooooooo girlish… yirk !

      I guess some fans will love it, any opinion is great to read, so go ahead !