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    the new trailer is out, and I wish I could say I’m disappointed, but i kinda expect this, a desperate and in your face attempt to bring kids to the macross series, Disney castles, space elfs, shitty CG, pink explosions, military planes with lollipop colors and decorations, teenagers saving the universe, Jpop girl band saving the universe with the power of songs… it seems this is the macross 7 disaster on steroids.

    • feeling the same till the start…
      almost one positive thing ; I will not ruin myself on Delta products like I have done with Zero, MAcross, Plus and Frontier series… ^^

      • Amen to that

      • it’s still disappointing though, we have waited 7 years for a new macross, and this is what we get?

        • Or they could do a plot like a high school teenage boy, knowing nothing about mecha, given the chance to try one out, mastering it in a matter of episodes, is entrusted by the world to save humanity from alien invasion. Wait a min. It’s been done a trillion times. My bad. 🙂

          Seriously, they should learn something from the strategy>tech in Aldnoah Zero &/or the conspiracy theory in Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet.