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    Does anyone knows any new details about Macross Delta? what do you guys think of the new Valk? what do you think is the other design shown on the image? a valkire, a monster MK, a ghost?
    do you have high expectations for the new series?
    • The overall decoration of those two valks reminds me “Macross the Ride”
      despite I don’t like much the racing type deco of those units, some aree tremendously designed, by customisation of current valkyries.
      Since the drakken was one of Kawamori’s favourite aircraft design, I think the dark red one could be a VF inspired by this aircraft.
      However, due to this deco and the fact that Frontier was very high on fan-service, I have no expectations for this future serie…
      Just prefering the good old space combat against aliens, than ride on tracks or whatever…
      But that’s just my opinion 😉

    • I agree, I miss the great stories they used to tell., like the original, plus or even zero, they used to have eye catching planes that still managed to feeel like they were from the military, but this designs feel more like fantasy stuff, I might be wrong but the “main plane” feels like the VF-25 with different wings and even more ridiculous colors