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    i have a question about paint and top coat.
    Im painting and detailing with acrylic paint and doing the decals and the question is would Tamiya TS-80 ruin the paint job?
    Since it’s laquer based?

    • Still haven’t smelled it myself, so I can’t say for sure it is. Some say it is, others say it’s a solvent based acrylic, which still is a lacquer to me…, even others state it’s a alcohol based acrylic….
      In any case, to be on the safe side, if it’s a sticker or a dry transfer decal, there will be no issues. If it’s a water slide, make sure all the water has evaporated and your decal solution has also fully dried. Then spray on a light coat on top of the piece with the decal. It should not cover the part entirely! Give it 15 to 20 minutes to dry, then spray another light coat. Let this dry for half an hour. The next and/or final coat can may be an all covering coat without any danger of ruining your decal.
      Good luck and happy building

      • Thanks for a quick answer!:)
        i’ll try on my starwars kit which i used acrylic and used water slides. I’ll try do what you suggested, how long does one can last?
        Im doing a MG HI-Nu ver. Ka exchanging purple with black and add some medium grey on various parts to offset all the white ^^

        • According to tamiyas website its synthetic acrylic laquer.

          • You’re welcome!
            Well, that means that the carrier in the paint is indeed solvent based and the pigment is alcohol based acrylic. This means you’ll have to treat it as a lacquer paint, so please use the technique previously mentioned.
            Don’t know for sure how long one can will last you, but back in the old day when I used spray cans myself, I used 400ml spray cans and could spray one MG with it, the inner frame as well as the armor and still had a fair amount left in the can. Since Tamiya spray cans are 100ml, I’d say you need two for just the armor parts, three if you spray the inner frame.
            I’m guessing this won’t be your last kit, so even when you don’t use all cans, you can always keep them for your next kit.
            Just hold the can upside down, spray until only propellant comes out of the can, this way the nozzle won’t get clogged up. And before spraying, set the cans in warm water for 10 min. This will help get you a better and stronger spray pattern!
            Good luck and please post some pictures when the kit is done, curious how it’ll look with black instead of purple.
            Happy building!