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    Gonna paint the grey part beneath the white one with gun metal. Also took 00 qan[t] legs and swapped with exia’s. I think it looks awesome + better articulation. No ankle problems 🙂 Other than that the exia is almost done 🙂
    • Ooooo that’s looking great! I’m gonna gun metal the greys on my 00raiser too 😀 It’s gonna look awesome!

    • Doooo eeet! 🙂 i think it would look awesome 🙂 you should tighten the joint between the waist and the torso since having the raiser on it’s back is going to make him lean backwards 😛 and also i think i fell in love with exia and qan[t] legs..can’t stop looking at it 😛

    • As soon as I get it built though T_T my wings needs wings, tbr, paint, weathering and what nots T_T your pics are contagious