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    Really hope the Rg wing zero c. Is going to be good

    • just can’t imagine how they’re going to do the gimmick for the wings like the MG applied to this RG or if there’s gonna be any gimmicks for it at all… this news was a big surprise for me.

    • I’m sad to see bandai break from the normal pattern with the real grade line. Before it was two uc the seed, then the exia from 00, then the zgok, I was hoping for another uc then another 00 kit, don’t get me wrong I want the wing but it’s just odd of bandai

    • What a nice surprise! Whatever it is, take my money already.

      Seriously, when can we order this?

    • Want !

    • Need!

    • It’s been a very experimental year for RG, new frame for AD era, crazy Z’Gok limbs and now Wing Zero Custom EW with, well, wings.
      I’m kinda annoyed as giant Angel wings do detract a bit from the “real robot” theme of RGs but I’m happy we’re getting this none the less.

    • Considering the wing zero was the first 1/100 scale kit i ever did, it was a HG but whatever, I will be getting the kit without question. depending on what p-bandai kits come of it i might get two and build a wing zero fenice custom as well. Really looking forward to this kit

    • Bandai is full of surprise!

    • Looks like more Gundam Wing RGs are on the way …and the PG Unicorn. It is like Christmas.

      • Looks like i will finally be getting a pg saw the announcment on fb and and said 200 and under 300 depending on money rates hell ya. But 33 led’s thats going to be a lot if money in batteries. And in regards to the rg’s now im only getting sandrock, hell, and maybe shenlong depending on what he looks like

        • I don’t have any Wing kits, so I will probably get them all. 🙂 Btw, the LED kit seems to be sold separately for another $100 or so (in addition to the $200 gundam).

    • Good thing I didn’t get the old MG Wing Zero Custom! (I prefer RG!)

    • I don’t think I’ll be getting a PG Unicorn, because it’s way too expensive