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    Its the red army and its coming for you

    • Nice collection of Red Mobile suits. Are you planning to get a G-System Sazabi or Sinanju afterwards?

      • I dought that cus one i dont have the space for them and 2 i dont have the skill for them cus i have yet to get anairbrush system and the bigest thing i have fully painted was the sd tenshi ho shia sazabi

      • And the only resen kit that i am missing or waiting for the faithfull day they decide to put it into plastic is the nightingale otherwise im good with my collection of red so far

        • I was thinking about the 1/100 scale G-System Sazabi. It’s as big as the MG Sazabi. And also the clear version doesn’t need paint, and all the frame details can be seen!! Moreover, the newwe G-System kits have a pre-built articulated plastic frame so at least u r sure to have a solid kit.