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    Snapped together my KG-6 Sleipnir kit! Was a lot of fun to do something other than Gundam. Ends up being about as tall as an average MG kit, and while there is great molded detail, it’s not as complicated as an MG. Some bad nub marks and seamlines that need to be cleaned up, but has surprisingly good movement, and I like the end result. Going to be putting some paint to this at some point, though, so haven’t applied the water slides.
    • I Like the design but those plain looking legs kill it for me. Maybe I’ll kit bash it with a similar looking kits legs one day.

    • I definitely get what you mean, but I’ve grown to appreciate them. When standing straight up, the model’s legs are really well protected when it comes to armour coverage, while, when it bends, the different points of articulation make it look really cool, I think. So they make sense, in a military sense … I suppose

    • This Sleipnir is the training model designed for use by school students and was the personal unit of Aldnoah.Zero protagonist Inaho Kaizuka as it is more maneuverable than the KG-7 Areion the rest of his squad uses. Towards the end of the series he upgrades it to the space type (released Feb. 2016) which bulks the unit up considerably with armaments, propellent and a firearm three times the size of the one used by the regullar KG-6 Sleipnir.

    • thanks for posting! been wondering about this kit since i saw the pre-order for it go up earlier in the year; couldn’t make up my mind whether i wanted to grab one or not. after seeing this post, i don’t think i’ll be disappointed if i go ahead and order one now. thanks again!

    • No worries, glad it helped:)