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    Not sure if this is the right thread for me to ask this but I am starting a custom painted kit bash and I was wondering how I would go about painting it? Should I build the kit then take it apart by sections and paint it area by area (eg: build kit then remove both legs, paint them, then remove both arms paint, then chest, paint etc) or should I do it as im building before all the pieces snap together? im a beginner when it comes to this stuff as in the past ive only done slight colour changes after the model is completed (basic suff like guns, weapons, claws etc) or top coating. Also im just going out of a spray can. Does anyone have any helpful pointers and advice for me?

    • I think it totally depends on you, both methods works for me. If you’ve got the whole color scheme figured out you could do it in sections first.

      Personally I snap build first, then figure out which colour goes where etc. Then disassemble/paint by sections (i.e. arm, torso etc). That’s just how I like to do kits. I know guys that build them in the other way as well with beautiful results.