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    • Aaarrrggg. browser does not like this page! Its either post pics or text, not both haha. Oh well, here is the rest of the post.

      Little update, intakes are still a work in progress, cockpit tub is 90% complete, minus seats. Oh, the other Eagle? Its going to be built along side Chihaya, not intended to be the final submission but it will complement that Ace Combat feel. 😉

      Btw, the second kit is from Revell, according to the interwebz, their offering of a F-15E is more accurate and I will have to concur. I had entertained the thought of building that as the Chihaya but I figured that the proportions for the decals might not work and thus not worth the risk.

    • so building starscream i see . XD

    • Cockpit looks amazing!