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    Hey so I’m starting with gunpla and I was wondering what kinda tools are needed to make a gundam kit ?

    • Something to cut plastic. When I stated I used toenail clippers. LOL.

      Seriously, you need nothing else.

    • I started off with toenail clippers but then soon graduated to using side cutters which area a whole lot easier to use.
      You can just get a high grade, no grade or SD and see if you like building gunpla before buying some of the more expensive things (like hobby knives and sand paper). Honestly though, I’ve been building gunpla for about 1.5-2 years now and I just use side cutters to cut out the pieces and a hobby knife to clean up some nubs and I’m perfectly happy with the results I get :D.
      A little question on the side, what kit(s) are you thinking of starting with?

      • I’ve started with a hg 00 gundam seven swords/g. It took me four hours to finish but it kinda fell apart since i was basically pulling the parts off instead of cutting them properly.

    • If you only build Gundam, then you only need 5 tools.
      1. Plastic side cutter, 2. Pen knife (hooby knife), 3. Tweezer, 4. Cement glue, 5. sand paper or sanding stick.
      Most Gundam only need these tools, there are only few MG need a extra tools – screw driver. These MG are the same era of 08 MS team kit like Gouf Custom, EZ8, RX-79[G], etc.
      If you tackler PG, then of course you need more tools…. than just 5.
      That’s not including color. lol