Aug 3
HLJ : Luke


I had a lot of fun whith this kit , its an amazing model From Bandai all the parts fit just right. I’m thinking of buying more Macross Frontier, I bought this one from Hobbylink Japan. Between transformations I get paint chips so I just applied a clear coat and the color never goes away…..

HobbyLink Japan Gundam


  1. I love the details on the cockpit area

  2. Nice work!!! I have the complete skull platoon but unfortunately most of them are yet built πŸ™

  3. Very nicely done. I’m considering in buying a macross someday soon, though. By the way did you airbrush or spay paint the kit?

  4. I find that it’s hard to get the parts fit in Fighter mode. Especially the arms.
    Overall, I love this VF-25 kit. I still have applied decal to it! XD

    Beautiful bird.

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