Oct 15
HLJ : Luke

Hobby Insider travels to Toyohashi City in Aichi Prefecture to show you how Fine Molds’ makes their amazing kits. Follow Scott T. Hards as we explore the Fine Molds factory and  have an exclusive look into the process of designing and producing model kits. Features exclusive interviews with Fine Molds president Kunihiro Suzuki and the rest of the dedicated Fine Molds factory team.


  1. excellent video..very informative..looking forward to part 2…keep up the good work..

  2. Very, very informative about plastic kit’s designing and molding proces

  3. A short but very good insight to what we like best, opening our latest kit and drooling over the runners.

  4. Already impressed with your mission, wide-ranging stock and fast shipping, and now loving these value-added videos. Thanks for providing such unique access to one of Japan’s most intriguing industries.

  5. That was very interesting, to say the very least. Many thanks to all for sharing.

  6. It would be cool to see how Gunpla is made

  7. I really enjoyed the video. It is really cool to see everything that takes place until we have in our hand the finished products. I only wish that we can see in a future episode the Bandai factory. 😀

  8. This is a fantastic video, I really appreciate the depth of detail that you are going into with the interviews, thanks for putting this on, I am really looking forward to part 2.

  9. Wow! One of the most inresting videos I have seen in quite a while! Is there any chance someday we could see Hobby Insider in Kotobukya or even bandai?

    I really like fine molds, they did some really good kits, specially star wars ones, I want so much their new Tie fighter!

  10. very nice video, You are doing great job! Keep with such videos!!

  11. Cool! I enjoyed hearing Suzuki-san speak about the kinds of things he wanted to make. It’s great to see that kind of love for modeling, and what that has done for his company.
    I’m pretty much exclusively a sci-fi modeler, so I don’t get so much exposure to Fine Molds ships and military subjects, but I really love their Star Wars kits!

  12. Excellent video. This type of information is very interesting. When realizing what goes into each model, it makes it a little easier to lay down the cash. Now if you can work on the exchange rates……..

  13. Great Video by Scott and crew!. I suspected Scott was fluent in Japanese but not that good! fun to watch on all levels. eagerly awaiting part 2.

  14. Fascinating!


  16. This is just the thing i wanted to see ..very interesting video thank you !

    Only one thing missing where is my preordered Millennium Falcon molds 😀

  17. A really great video. Actually the information I got helped me a lot with one of my projects I am doing on this industry. It was great to see the different processes and techniques used to bring a concept from an Idea to an actual box containing the sprues!!. One question I would ask would be how much time it takes for the whole process and the individual processes themselves- from more of a manufacturer’s perspectives- in short Lead-times. Thanks again for the fantastic video!!

  18. Wow, Scott, this is the kind of video I’ve been waiting for! I knew the basics, as well as some of the more complicated and intricate designing that went into making molds and kits, but this really filled in a great amount of information gaps that I didn’t yet know. I’ll be looking forward to part 2.

  19. doh i didnt see this video while suggesting idea’s for the competition for new episodes of gunpla tv….. of well 😛

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