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Happy Little Robots – Volume 6 – Metallic Spray Paints with Wargreymon

If you’re anything like me, the Amplified Wargreymon Figure-rise kit was just a bit too… yellow.

While it may be true to the art, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t look better.

If you remember our first experiment with metallics, you know we opted for a flat finish on the Hyaku Shiki. 

This time around, we’re gonna put in a little elbow grease to get things to really shine. 

The process in the beginning is the same as last time, no surprises there. Clip out and clean up all the parts you’ll be painting. 

Just like last time, we spray with gloss black, and then the gold. But this time we’re also going to seal everything with a gloss coat.

And here’s where we get out or elbow grease. 

Tamiya Polishing Compounds come in three varieties, and are probably pretty familiar to car model enthusiasts. 

It starts with a coarse polish, then a fine, and lastly the finish.

For this article, we’ll just be using the coarse and fine. 

We start by applying a small amount of polish directly on to the part. 

Then using a polishing sponge, or a smooth cloth, you begin to buff the polish in small circles.

These Tamiya sponges are great and come with three different sizes. 

After buffing over entire part, wipe off any excess with a clean cloth. It can help to use a toothpick to get any remaining compound out of the panel lines. 

Continue this process for all pieces, and then repeat with the fine polishing compound. 

You want to apply firm enough pressure to polish the part, but be careful because too much friction can start to remove the gloss coat completely and eventually your paint!

After going over all parts with the coarse and the fine polish, you can run them under hot water to help get rid of any remaining polish. 

And after it’s all dry and assembled, we have a shiny SHINY gold. 

I hope you guys can see now with some extra care, and a little elbow grease you can get your models gleaming and bright. 

That will do it for me and another tutorial here on hobbylink.tv!

If you want to try some of these products yourself, hop over to hlj.com and get that shine going.

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  1. Wow it looks amazing! Congrats!
    Did you apply the same process to the silver parts?


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