Jan 8

The first big Gunpla release of 2016 dropped in the first week and so our first episode of 2016 will be a special! A complete build of the 1/144 RG Wing Gundam EW!

Kit featured in this video:
1/144 RG Wing Gundam EW


  1. Haha, nothing to win = no comment 😛

  2. Dam syd how you make so fast. I tried building fast on my rg red frame and took me like 3 hrs.

  3. you build like a BOSS syd, good job, the two tone color on the legs are awesome, its better than the MG.

  4. Another Great Build Video, I haven’t purchased a RG model yet, but after seeing this i might give it a go with this kit. Really love the detail on it. I been checking back each day for a new video and was glad that this was posted to hold me over to the new Show video comes out. Hope you had a awesome new years. Keep up the good work man

  5. You are so fast, Syd. It normally took me about 12 hours to finish building a Real Grade. It doesn’t includes painting a layer of gloss varnish to protect the original molded color and cover the sandpaper trace. Put up the decals and weathering the model with high grade eye shadow. And then put a matte clear coat to protect the decals and weathering. You must have practice it before showing the process on the video. Sorry! I haven’t got time to watch this two videos yet. I will leave it for now and follow your teaching in my future endeavour. I guess you are possibly preparing us for speedy model building contest. lol XD I will leave it for the young one to discover and help them in observing things. God bless!

  6. not a complete build, a complete build includes decals and panel lines!

  7. Gunplas!!!

  8. First time watching Gunpla TV, LOVED IT!!!

    I’ve been building gunplay kits in Hong Kong since I was about 6 (now 21).. Ever since I moved to England, I was looking for good place/website to buy gunplas… finally I found it hlj.com 😀

    Wonder how many hours would it take for me to watch all the previous episodes??

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