Apr 24

People have been waiting a long time for this kit (the last RG was 5 months ago) and now we’ve finally got this in our hands. Let’s open up the RG GN-001 Gundam Exia and take a peak at what’s inside and give some insight into what to expect with this kit.

1-144 RG GN-001 Gundam Exia-1

Kits featured in this video:

RG GN-001 Gundam Exia

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  1. Nice.. I want this to be my 1st RG. Hey Syd can you tell me the difficult of this one compared to the other RG. Is this recommended for first time RG builder? I’m an HG person you know.
    And are RG’s parts swapable like on HG now a days?

    • RGs vs HGs have smaller parts and they are abit thinner. The internal frame was the same for my Destiny, Freedom, and Strike Freedom RGs but this Exia’s frame is different as Syd pointed out. The stickers on RGs are all for detail and everything comes molded in their color. From what i can tell there’s little to no under-gating. For a first time RG builder you’ll be spending more time with this kit that you have with the HGs because of all the gimmicks and the amount of parts you have to assemble. I know my parts on my RGs are swap-able because of the frame. In my opinion there’s no right or wrong place to start with a RG build especially since you have building experience. I know i’m not Syd but i hope this helped you out.

      • Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. Good to hear that RG’s parts can be swap, I thought it would be a little harder because of the frames.


  3. Awesome, huge RG fan, this is the kit i’ve been waiting for, thanks guys!

  4. sugoi ~ love that shinny chrome

  5. Been waiting for the RG Exia for months! Can’t wait to begin building this guy! 😀

  6. Oooohhhh!

  7. YES.

  8. Looking forward to seeing this built. Much Exci(Exia)tement!

  9. I love the RGs, and Exia is one of my favorite suits. Hope I can get my hands on this soon.

  10. Looking forward to the review on the next episode.! May have to pick this guy up down the line.

  11. I really can’t wait for this review!!! HURRY UP! And don’t drop it this time!

  12. Awesome. Already planning the paint scheme for my pre-ordered Exia. Looks like a good kit!

  13. Sweet! Setsuna F. McFly has a nice ring to it…

  14. Private Warehoused…. Still waiting for GX before I ship them altogether!

  15. My god I need this in my life now!

  16. been waiting for this one.. hopefully they will release 00 quanT…

  17. nice I have 3 R.G.s so far this looks like a strong contender for a 4th or 5th.

  18. Awesome looking RG, hopefully it stays in one piece!

  19. Wow I’ve been waiting for this kit

  20. Hi! Been wondering to ask you Syd about the online exclusive kits, the dragoon effect actually. Can you guys or did you guys make a review on that? I think the Wing of Light are on the Destiny RG and The Wing of Skies are on the Strike Freedom RG. Really nice if you guys do this. Thanx!!!

  21. This Exia looks amazing

  22. needs AMAZING in front of it…. lol

  23. can’t wait for this to come… 🙂

  24. Cool Syd, I saw what looked to be the repair mode on the side of the box, however I didn’t see the parts for that in the quick unboxing. If it does come with those I think I may have to pick up 2 of them. Njoy the build!


  25. I just got into Gunpla last week and I’m so happy I found out about you guys. I started watching Vegeta8259’s youtube videos and saw how much he bought from HLJ! I placed a few orders with you guys this weekend and can’t wait to get building. 🙂

  26. It would be really cool if Bandai can produce an RG at least once every 2 months so it can keep up with the catalog. Still waiting for full 00 MG line up!

  27. This RG Exia looks tight. I did not jump on pre-order fast enough so i may have to wait a few weeks to get one of these but looks to be a must have for me. Can’t wait until the next vid to see the kit built, very interested in the build. On another note off subject, Syd do you know if the HG full amour unicorn has the same accessories in both the destroy and normal unicorn kits. And if so can you interchange the weapons? I have a normal HG unicorn destroy mode already and want the full amour version and thought it would be cool to also end up with a HG unicorn to display also if i just buy a unicorn full amour kit. Let me know. Also will you be running a special raffle for this post, hint, hint, wink! and maybe give away a sweet RG Exia. Just a thought and worth a try. Just a squirrel looking for a nut.
    Thanks for the great info again

  28. Finally RG Exia…
    I really wanted to see final built of this kit…
    Syd please build it quickly and let us take a look at it…

  29. Nice kit.. I’m considering this as my 1st RG kit now… is RG more tougher than the MG or is it the other way around? Cause I’ve only build MGs up until now…

  30. I`m still waiting to see it assembled. I don`t know, but all the 00 kits seems a little too simple. FORGET IT, I`m trully wanting to buy my first RG…

  31. I’m so excited for the complete build. Hopefully my own will get here on Thursday.

    One side note, I absolutely love the Private Warehouse, but I was wondering if a specific feature has been looked at. This may or may not apply to a lot of people, but here it is. Most of the time I order and ship in a few model kits together. A lot of times I will order 2 things (A & B) in stock and 1 other thing (C) not in stock. It would be awesome if I could choose. Ship (A B & C) together when all are available.

    Specifically it has been a problem due to timezone a couple times. When kits get in on a Friday, and by the time I process it from Private Warehouse to Shipping, it does not have the shipping information until Saturday and then the product ships on Monday. It would be convenient for those who may not be available right when a product gets in since generally that stuff is rather vague, for me at least.

  32. syd do you guys know if they will ever release the death saurer hmm zoid or death stinger hmm zoid kits and thanks for any info you guys can give me

  33. Hey guys great show.I was wondering if you two have heard of Kuratas? I was fooling around on line and found the site…. I and working hard not to nerdgasm, but this looks like a real mecha to me. it has wheels but wow, with a hefty $1 mill price tag it will probably never be seen in my neck of the woods…. unless I win the lottery. here is the web sight if haven’t heard about it. http://suidobashijuko.jp/#bto

  34. awesome kit

  35. Ray said on May 5, 2014

    Hi Syd,
    I’ve been waiting for your completed RG Exia…
    It’s been one weak and I’m really…really curious to see it built…
    Please post it soon…

  36. Can you show us how to cut that plated parts?

  37. i currently waiting for my exia arrive on my door n start building it… =D

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