Jun 11

Episode 150! While we would have liked to make a massive extravaganza for our 150th episode due to lack of time we had to settle for some things a little different but we hope everyone enjoys it. Also, you can win some big, episode-150-worthy type stuff!


Kits featured in this video:
1/144 HGUC NZ-666 Kshatriya Repaired
1/144 HGUC NZ-666 Kshatriya

Gunpla TV


  1. This is the winning comment!

  2. OMG best giveaway evar. been watching you guys since episode 1, nice to see you do a remake. kawaii.

    P.S. hope i win, anyone of those, cant be choosy ;P

  3. Still watching the ep. this must be quite a giveaway to have this many comments this week! i don’t even know whats being given away yet.. O.. the O… and others.

  4. Omg i just love gunpla tv so much 😀

    Really hope i could win this time. PLEASE!!! 2 seconds.. :p

  5. OJ said on June 13, 2014

    OMG!! Any of those giveaways would be awesome, but I’ve always wanted to get the PG Strike and mod it into a Buster instead.

  6. Congrats on the 150th episodes….!!
    a.. two seconds..
    nice giveaway btw….
    want some.. 😀

  7. Hello Awesome guys! Hey I am new to the hobby and found your videos the most useful, I watched the 150 in less than a Month but that is just because of how amazing they are! and it is funny how I got into the hobby, I bought a RG Freedom and I didn’t know I had to build it! but your videos helped me while I was waiting for it to be delivered and it ended up awesome, thanks guys, keep the great work up!

  8. You guys seem tired of doing this, it was actually kind of funny to watch, but seriously 150 ep, holy c–p.

  9. Not sure if you guys can top these giveaways. Really hoping I could win one of dem Gundams.

  10. Yeah! Lucky7 gonna be among those lucky 3 winnners!

  11. Hilarious Episode!! Awesome give aways! That O!!!!

  12. Hope to win the kits, preferably the PG, cause its BIG. Btw, about the new segment, you guys might want to give a review of the episode after it is being watched? as its a little bit dry. anyways nice episode and hope to see more. 😀

  13. great show, huge giveaway, and the Ooooooooooo…. O_O

  14. OMG. those giveaway is awesome.
    i thought is strike freedom when i see the box.
    but aile strike is great.

  15. Hi syd n Ryan ! love to see your warehouse again ! hope that i can win one of those…

  16. 2 seconds at the last part was the best ! i want that pg >.<

  17. 150 already ? good job to both of you ryan n syd ! hope to be lucky to win those prizes..

  18. i just want to win !

  19. Wow awesome giveaways.
    Hope to win one.
    Keep up the good work guys.

  20. Hi, I’m new to gunpla and would like to learn more. Congratulations for the 150th episode that means i have 149 episodes to watch.

  21. Ps Syd and Ryan , what you both think about mini 4wd ?

  22. strike, finger crossed

  23. Massive episode and massive giveaways, expecting to see 150 episodes more. More power to you guys keep it up.

  24. The Ooooohh! Congrats on your 150th EP Guys ^_^

  25. Love to win. Keep up the review can’t find anything better

  26. Congrats on episode 150. Now I hope to win one of those gunplas 😀

  27. Cool episode as always! 😀 Got my RG Exia, it’s so awesome! The O! FA Unicorn! PG Strike Clear Ver. Are you serious? *drools*

  28. after watching GUNDAM UC ep.7 i realized that i have to disassemble my sinanju and paint the cockpit yellow 🙁 what a shame :P

  29. Lol I remember watching episode one Syd… Wondering who this geeky guy was. ;). Congrats on 150! It’s still as entertaining as ever and I watch you guys every week. sscott4

  30. Congratulations on 150 episodes. Keep up the good work.

  31. Ahahaha that 1st episode remake was great!

    I hope I win one of those prizes 🙂

  32. Hahaha! You guys are quite hilarious in this episode. Seeing your reaction when watching Gundam, the “2 Seconds”, great episode.

    The reboot was fun to watch, it would’ve been cooler if you did it movie like 🙂

    I have a question regarding the Gundam ACE mag, any-one can answer this if they know. ‘Gundam SEED RE:’ manga, is it in every monthly mag?

  33. Hi Guys,

    Congrats with ep150 !!!… It has been a journey. I can now imagine how many hours I’ve spent watching you guys :). Great Job by the way. Anyhow, the new segment where we watch you guys watch the anime is a little weird. I would suggest why not you guys change that segment to something like “Pick a model, it can be a picture or an actual model itself” and tell us why do you guys think its a good model kit…. That will give lots of tips for those who enter competition.
    Looking forward for the episode 151 guys. Cheerio.

  34. i just started this hobby 6 months ago, and still haven’t finished all the past episodes. So with this “2 seconds” bloopers, im find myself laughing alone whenever i’m watching some of the past episodes, just imagining you guys did that. Keep up the good work, cuz its gundam and its awesome…!!


  36. like the give away, i want the unicorn gundam SYD…..Please

  37. cool episode guys, i realIy love this kind of hobby! Gunpla pipz are awesome! Hope I win!

  38. i never thought making those videos are that hard, great work on you guys! more power and episodes to come! Grats!

  39. i never thought making those videos are that hard, great work on you guys! more power and episodes to come

  40. Aiy said on June 14, 2014

    I’m starting a collection and Gunpla TV has really given me a lot of incite that I did not know.

  41. 2 seconds .. 2 seconds 😀 Nice show guys ,worthy of 150
    why don`t you guys make a team-up and make a model together ,maybe a kitbash. 😛

    P.S Oh gods of Gundam ,let me win a kit! 😀

  42. You guys are awesome for doing these giveaways. HLJ rocks and the Hobbylink TV episodes have been a great help getting me started into Gunpla, so thanks for all the work you put into doing this. Boy, would I love to win that Unicorn… xD

  43. This. Is. Awesome. Hope you guys continue Gunpla TV for a while. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

  44. Great episode as usual guy’s!, does the “2 seconds” have any significant meaning? or is it just a marker in video?

  45. Congratulations for the 150th episode and great episode. Really enjoyed the reactions from watching Gundam Unicorn.

  46. awesome, congratulations on the 150th episode, I hope to see the celebration of the 300th episode, his videos always help me and encourage me, I hope to get lucky and win something this time, my dream is to get a PG strike, but this unicorn zebra looks amazing, thank you for another episode

  47. Great show as always, watched every episode! Would love to get the PG Strike!!!!

  48. Hey guys,
    watched since EP 1
    would love the 30th anniversary, for my brothers 30th birthday next month. would be amazing for him. Love your show.

  49. Hello guys I have watched for a while and I would love the pg strike would make a great birth day gift I love the show

  50. Congrats on the 150 th episode guys, watched from day one and haven’t missed a single episode the thing I look forward to watching each week! You really have gone all out on the giveaways guys and I do hope I get lucky and win one!

  51. this and mega size age is the give away I’ve been waiting for. hope i win. i love the old warehouse in the episode, reminded me of the video where they sent the camera down the conveyer to be shipped. happy 150th guys hope you last another three years cause i’ll still be watching.


  52. ¡¡¡Feliz Aniversario!!! Happy anniverario!! in spanish, wait is this an aniversary or just a HUGE milestone, 150 episodes!! that’s a lot! congrats and I hope you make 300 more!

  53. 3 Amazing giveaways cant wait to see whats next, as always great show guys keep up the good work!!! MG full armor zebra gundam!!!

  54. Hey Syd and Ryan, I always enjoy how much fun you guys have when you play with gundam (the kshatriya dunking on the jegan was too funny). This episode was great, I have always loved the lighthearted nature of the show and I’m glad to have started gunpla with episode one. Thanks for all the work and preparation that goes into each episode, it really shows! I will continue to keep watching and building with each new episode.

    I wish you guys all the best, happy 150 and many more.

  55. u guys should do more guides

    • Yup, reboot the guides for panel lining, decal application, getting rid of seam lines, adding panel lines and pla plates, and making special paint effects (metallic, camo, etc.) please! XD

    • that would be nice

  56. Wow nice review of the repair kit, wish I could win the aile strike PG 😀 can’t wait for more episodes.

  57. Great show as usual.

  58. Nice episode gentlemen. I really do hope they can make a 1/100 Kshatriya at some point. Of course I would prefer MG, but the new 1/100 scale would be acceptable. Have you guys ever considered showing a Five Star Stories model kit? I know most of them are resin, but many people know about the awesome mecha designs from it.

    • This would be a fantastic series to do a reboot for!!! An MG line of FSS kits would be so awesome!!!

  59. Zee said on June 14, 2014

    Hey congrats for the 150th episode! Strike is my favorite gundam design, I would be so happy to win this one!

  60. Wow…All the Gundam in this episode are in my wish list. i really enjoyed the episode. Keep it up.

  61. Great job with 150 episodes. Keep up the good work. Will either of you be going to SDCC this year? If so I hope to see you there.

  62. 853 comments!!! let’s go for an all-time high!!! sooorrryaaa!!!

  63. Hey guys….. I just wanted to say great episode and I hope you guys go another 150 episodes. I hope I win that Aile Strike; it would be a great birthday present. keep up the good work guys.

  64. The giveaways just keep getting bigger and better… can’t wait for my turn to win one.

  65. Congrats on episode 150! Keep them coming!!!

  66. Awesome job guys. Now give my PG Aile Strike.

  67. 2 seconds! Great episode guys.

  68. 😀

  69. All of these kits are awesome I would really like to win the O or the custom painted Zebra.

  70. nice episode

  71. Awesome look on that zebra gundam actually looks pretty cool!

  72. Congrats on your 1st episode reboot, can’t wait for the sequel. Been watching since the real episode 1 and love your work, good giveaways recently as well.

  73. the “Zebra” is the weirdest gundam unicorn variation ever! STRIKE GUNDAM!!!

  74. Funny thing is I was re-watching Gunpla TV episode one then saw the episode 150 Reboot!

  75. Well I can say that the reboot is as good as the original ones but u forgot first grade in the reboot

  76. Love the show! Syd,do you think bandai will finish the wing mg line? And do you think we will get an mg leo? Should be easy right? Lol keep up the great work guys

  77. Awesome stuff to give!! i always dreams to own my own the o.

  78. Never had a PG before, that PG will be great start for me.

  79. Exciting winning. I am………….(absolutely speechless) Man I have to win the PG Aile Strike. I’ve been after one for ages but its so expensive and that strike gundam is the one I have wanted most, next to the PG Strike Freedom. Anyways wish me well and hop I win.

  80. As a filler for all those awkward silences and because this show is from japan. Why not add in a little of cartoon animation here and there. I imagine all the viewers flipping over backwards with a bloody noes when the PG Strike Freedom box popped out.
    p.s. give me free stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. wow, big give aways this week! I would love to win any one of those prizes, they are all totally awesome. Thanks for the great episodes and looking forward to another 150 episodes.

  82. Two Second~ XD

  83. Wow!!!awesome prizes!!! Hope I can win 1!!! N awesome episode hobbylink!!

  84. Great 150th episode, love the clip at the end

  85. aww man, i really want the Gundam Unicorn!

  86. LT said on June 14, 2014

    OMG episode 150 already, great episode guys. Can we see more bloopers in the future please, its kind of funny (just like Jacky Chan movie haha)
    Great giveaway in this episode too ~~

  87. I wouldn’t mind the gundam watchin sessions. a lil mini review would be nice. keep it up guys!

  88. i’ve been following you guys since the first episode! congrats on 150th episode and i hope for 150 eps more!!

    that pg strike!!

  89. Hey huys great show. I thought your Kshatriya kit bash was pretty cool. I like the Zebra unicorn a lot. It gives it more of intimidation factor. Congrats on 150!

  90. Well done 150 eps! Love gunplas and gunpla TV. One of life’s enjoyment.

  91. Don’t drink them you’re gonna die

  92. I will love to have the strike gundam!! I have moved to south korea and started building kits all over again! It’s a joy to watch your videos!

  93. It’d be interesting if bandai made more builder parts and like a standard frame to put the parts on so you could literally make your own gundam so like kit bashing except with more options and perhaps the kits could be a basic white color that then opens up so way for bandai can create brushes and even more paints also they could even make a seem line creator of some sort to make your own marks.Also if I win I’m hoping for that Syd classic zebra.0

  94. I’m a newcomer to Gunpla, but your videos have helped me so much! Thank you for all your work in bringing us this great show. Grats on 150 eps! Hope I win ;>

  95. Congratulations on your 150th episode keep them coming guys. What better way to celebrate then give away 3 kits. I like the full armor zebra gundam, but it looks more like a full armor police gundam to me.

  96. PLease, just give me that Unicorn…

  97. Congratulations on the 150th ep. Hope you can keep the show for years to come.

    I wanna see that GoufR35 so much, its such a nice base to mod it into an Efreet Kai.

  98. congrats on the 150th ep. very entertaining to watch

  99. congratulations on reaching you 150th ep. Awesome video as always and great giveaway.

  100. I want gundams

  101. Do you think we’ll ever see the Banshee Norn MG released as a regular kit? I know there’s an Bandai Online exclusive version, but I’d have thought it popular enough a design to receive a general release (it did afterall appear in two episodes of UC).

  102. This was a nice throwback to episode 1 and great job guys!

  103. I wonder if other gundams apart from protagonist suits will be made into RG,

  104. Bandai should make a RG sinanju

  105. Im building the pg strike right now. Would love to get my hands on those clear parts

  106. I enjoyed watching you guys watch Gundam Unicorn. I hope you continue through the rest of the movies.

  107. Hope you keep watching Unicorn! It just keeps getting better after episode one!

  108. …..hmm

  109. Another cool video guys. I want a Kshatriya but think I will get the original rather than the repaired. I was wondering if you could show some Evangelion kits please. Also I would like to win some kits please.

  110. All three prizes are nice, but I hope to win the clear aile strike Gundam. Thank You!

  111. Awesome show. Kshatriya just showed up at my LHS. I need to grab it.

  112. wow 150 episodes! That’s amazing guys keep up the good work! I wish I could win the zebra unicorn .

  113. I hope I win this time, also how do you feel about Gundam Unicorn Episode 7, do you think it was a satisfying end to the series.

  114. Ya gotta drink Squall Lionheart!!!

    HAPPY 150!! Also, do you guys still play on playstation???
    What were your most recently played games?

  115. I actually liked the “Reboot” of the first episode, I really thought it was going to be the full Reboot ’cause its awesome as Syd would say. On the same note, I enjoyed seeing you guys reactions to UC episode 1. You guys should keep doing the anime segment but after watching going back and talking about the episode a bit more in depth. Maybe even at some “speculation” for the next episode to come. Enjoyed Episode 150, keep up the awesome work… “Two seconds…”

  116. How do u make a part of a gunpla into a clear colour?

  117. They should make an official MG Full Armor Zebra Unicorn!

    Thats a massive warehouse full of gundams u have.

  118. Great episode, leave the anime watching out (was boring watching y’all enjoying the show) but keep the comments. Thanks for reminding me of episode 7 of unicorn gundam going to watch!

  119. Awesome episode guys, i love seeing how you guys react when watching Gundam Unicorn. It would be awesome to win one of those prizes

  120. Funny episode. I like the part where you were watching episode 1 of Gundam UC because I can tell based on your reactions which scene you are currently watching. You will never be disappointed with Gundam UC especially episode 7. Keep up the great work on showing us awesome kits. Gunpla…it’s awesome! Two seconds.

  121. Yolo guys I’ve watched every single gunpla TV episode from 1-150 I would love to see lots of people get chances to win gunpla kits.
    Keep up the great work!

  122. Great episode if was funny hahaha zebra unicorn that’s a new suit for sure there’s a tip did if you wanna use it play gundam breaker.

  123. The 30th anniversary Aile Strike kit looks awesome! haha and the full armour “zebra” definitely looks interesting.

  124. ZOMG!! Hope im one of the 3 winners!

  125. Hi Syd and Ryan,
    Congrats on your 150th show! Love it. Was that the Neo Zong at the background when you introduced the PGs?
    Just wondering which episode was the most memorable for both of you?
    Love the PGs.

  126. I was drinking when you showed the Zebra, i got water all over my laptop!

  127. that pg will be mine…

  128. yeay i won thanks syd n ryan !

  129. wow lots of prizes >.< i want to win one ! congrats on your 150th guys !

  130. love the tour in side the warehouse ! wish i live there ! really want to win those prizes…

  131. i wish i could get something…

  132. hoping that bandai’s planning for a RG unicorn,or a RG wing zero custom

  133. 2 sec, I want the PG 🙂

  134. Did I hear a pg is coming?

  135. Gratz on the 150!! About to start the hobby, just waiting for my first model. Thankfully I found your videos before I started. Cheers guys ^-^

  136. Congrats on 150 guys!! Awesome Episode as usual 🙂

  137. Doing a great job.

  138. Found this channel like a few weeks ago, new to gunpla, only have two HG models done, Wing Zero and Strike Rouge. This channel is quite the stuff. I hope I can win something i’d be so happy 🙂

  139. Congratulations on your 150th Episode!!! Awesome

  140. Congrats on the 150th episode. I have been watching for awhile now (sadly not every episode) but you guys have been doing an awesome job! You guys are the reason I got into gundam collecting and now I can’t stop!! lol
    Keep up the great work!

  141. Woohoo! Episode 150! Congrats fellas and I’m looking forward to 150 more episodes.

  142. Congrats on 150 episodes!!!!

  143. Thanks for keeping us updated on the latest gunpla information. I’ve been away from building models until I stumbled upon my old wing gundam and now I’m hooked

  144. Gunpla tv 150 .loved it i notice alot from the first episdoe in it yo guys i dont now if ill win but ill post my crossbone moah and gouf r 35 when its done on hlj page XD

  145. 2 seconds…..

  146. Wow, great episode….just awesome 🙂

  147. Congratulations on reaching the 150th episode milestone!!!

  148. The O. Would look really nice on my shelf 🙂

  149. congratulations for the 150th episode! thanks for helping to grow my passion for Gunpla!

  150. Episode 300 coming soon then 🙂

  151. I wonder when knights of sidonia kits will be available?

  152. kev said on June 16, 2014

    Congratulations on your 150 vid guys!

  153. Congrats on #150! Keep up the great work! (Not a huge fan of the new segment btw)

  154. Its quite a milestone; i cant believe it’s been that long. I’ve been watching ever since you guys released episode 1. I’ve only been lurking and never really commented till now.

  155. Loved the video re-boot guys! Quick question for Ryan, what do you think about those Star Wars kits coming from Bandai?

  156. i insist you should do a section were you talk something other than gundam, the new section of us watching you watch something it’s ok, male it more funny!
    nice work as allways

  157. Can’t believe it’s been 150 episodes already. I think I started watching right around episode 10 or so, and have been sure to catch every episode since.

    Great to see you guys keep on burning through the content.

  158. Congrats on the 150 mark, I love the show. Where did you guys get those sweet Gundam poster behind you?

  159. I hope I win!
    Nice episode guys!

  160. Wow, a PG!!! Wish I get one of the prizes. The anime thing is sort of weird, but anyways… You should do more tips on painting and modifying kits.

  161. Congrats! Lets hope for some kits

  162. Hey guys great show hoping to finally win!!! Thanks for all the tips and tricks

  163. I invented a new drinking game. Every time Syd uses air quotes you gotta chug an entire can of Final Fantasy energy drink.

    Congrats on 150 episodes!

  164. Yeah 150 down infinite more to come of Gunpla greatness. Thanks for every thing you do Syd and Ryan I look forward to every new show to see what new advancements Bandai is making in their kits. I have been building Gunpla for over 15 years now and seen all the advancements from then to now still amazes me. Well keep up the good work and awesome show looking forward to next weeks.

  165. Can’t wait to see the Neo Zeong on the show. 3 Prizes? Yes! my chances of winning just increased by a fraction of a percent.

  166. thx for the great episode again guys, hope i can win this time, the full armor unicorn looks legit

  167. nice to see you guys doing great. been watching sid in the first episode =)
    even seen the first boss build, so keep it up and i hope to win the PD strike =) =)

  168. PG!! PG!! Pick me! Pick me! Keep up the good work guys. BTW, can you tell Bandai to make a PG Zasabi.

  169. 1st: congratulation on the big milestone at 150 episode.
    2nd: I still not giving up hope to win GunplaTV prizes.
    3rd: Keep up the good work. Gambateh!!

  170. just realized this #150 episode’s comment column is too overwhelmed until required the 2nd page. Since the index number will be repeated, how to select the winner?

  171. funny animation needed for the awkward silence moments. Im gonna win!!

  172. I think an RG GM is likely, but it would be easier done similarly to the Exia Repair kit.

    Wasn’t a huge fan of all the filler, a few times walking through the warehouse was cool but anything past 2-3 is just kind of annoying. Loved the bloopers though, can we switch to bloopers for filler?

  173. HI Syd and Ryan..

    Im glad you guys still doing this vid..
    Haven’t miss watching this vid since im catch my eyes on gunpla..
    I hope some day i will become pro in gunpla building..


  174. I would love to win that Pg strike.

  175. I think it would be awesome if they made a RG Strike Noir

  176. Hey Guys,

    Love the show! Always put on an episode when I’m working on a model.
    I have a question though. Do you think the technology of the new re/100 series will be used to bring out some more of the bigger mobile suits/mobile armours? I would love to see the Big Zam or the Alvatore getting a release. Although the latter would be quite pricey as it would likely have to be gold plated.

  177. congrats on the 150th episode…”(^_^)” … kshatriya is great kit.. if the kits are in master grade it would be nice and awesome..I hope we can see neo zeong review next…

  178. Omg I really hope I’m not too late!

  179. Loved the episode and the new segment!
    And the goods! :3

  180. wouldn’t it be great if we could see an unboxing of the HG NEO ZEONG there… also, i wanted to win one of those kits. 🙂

  181. That PG clear parts… *drools*

  182. hope i can win something !!!

  183. Show me the GUNPLAs!

  184. U guys r Awesomeee!!!

  185. Hey guys, great show as always
    congratulation on 150 episode. 🙂

  186. Wow! Are we gonna get the 1000th comment today???

  187. Oh man! I cant believe I am seeing these give away big kits so soon! Amazing!

  188. Congrats on your 150th episode! Ive enjoyed all 150th episodes. Keep up the good work guys. And those are some awesome give away! Gunpla are awesome!

  189. Congratulations on episode 150! Keep up the good work guys.

  190. Hi guys congratulation for 150 episodes of Gunpla TV. You are my inspiration of building Gunpla, more power and please gift me the PG strike!

  191. I think we can let you watch Manga in your own time in future!

    Clear PG…..drool….!

  192. Yay~ Congrats on reaching 150th episodes!
    Thanks for doing always a good job of spreading the joy of gunpla!

  193. Nic said on June 17, 2014

    Congratulations on 150 episodes! Keep ’em coming.

  194. Hi guys congratulation for 150 episodes of Gunpla TV 😀
    only 50 away from 200, keep the good yp the good work.

    Loved the fact that you re-did the 1st episode, drooled like crazy when you showed the store house again, loved that.

    But what do you guys think of the possebility of the 1/144 Big Zam?
    I have been in love in that suit since I was it for the first time in the Gundam Anime, and I have been hoping for a Kit of it, so when I got to buy the 1/400 kit I LOVED it. But now that Bandai have made the 1/144 Neo Zeong, wht are the chances of making a 1/144HGUC Big Zam?


  196. Congratulations on the 150th episode Guys! 🙂

  197. congrats on the last winner! and ty for the tutorial and reviews it helps a lot!

  198. i hope i wine this time, hehehe! nice video!

  199. Grats on 150 episodes. Here are to many more.

  200. woow, 150 episodes haha great job guys, 🙂 expecting to see the turn x for the next episode weee hahaha

  201. Haha thumbs up for that fun-filled Reboot! ^^
    Really brings back memories of Ep 1.
    Hope you guys keep doing these for years to come ^^

  202. hey guys long time, i would like to win the strike. dont really care for the others, dont really like them. cant wait for the next one.

  203. Congrats on reaching 150 episodes.

    I know it’s not gunpla but, got any notice about the new Patlabor kit? Did you know when its going to be on the store?

  204. keep up the great work !!!!!!!!!!!

  205. I really hope I win that clear strike ’cause I’ve wanted it for a long time now but i’ll take any really.

  206. Congrats on the 150ep milestone. Yet so much oddness in this episode?

  207. Hey guys great show and congratulations on 150 episodes! Since you are giving away a clear armor kit i figure this is a good time to ask this question. What are your thoughts on panel lining and water slides on a clear armor kit? I have a clear RG Zeta that is snap built and im thinking about ordering water slide decals and doing the panel lines. Hope to hear your input on this topic and that randomness is in my favor for winning one of these amazing kits. Keep up the great work guys and i hope for 150 more

  208. Personally I can’t wait for the unboxing of the HG Neo Zeong!!! And congratulations on episode 150! Had enjoy almost all of them! 😀

  209. great episode, love the PG give away

  210. hope I win

  211. HELLO HLJ …. choose me me me me me me me !

  212. I have a awesome commen… 2 seconds.

  213. Congrats, I watch 99% of all your vids and loved them.
    Keep it up. ^_^

  214. hello! hope i win

  215. nice episode guys!

  216. hope i can be one of the 3 =) great job guys

  217. MEMEMEMEMEME!!!!!

  218. Loved u guys!!

  219. Hey Hey! good job guys, it will be nice to just give me all 3 prize (greedy) =)


  221. Great reboot episode …oh, wait! Here’s to another 150 and more!

  222. Wow nice mod, Unicorn Zebra? I wish I can win than 🙂

  223. thank you for a great show it brings back the memories,, wish i also win!

  224. Congratulations on 150 episodes guys! Hope to win one of the awesome prizes. 🙂 More power to Gunpla TV! 😀

  225. wow pick me pick me pick me

  226. dam,wish i win =) those are nice kits

  227. Love the paint job for that armor Gundam Unicorn. I liked the zebra concept, that black brings out the ideal of heavy armor I think. Great work. I would want that one for sure!

  228. wooowh….!! awesome giveaways…..

  229. The O is one of my favorite mobile suits from Zeta

  230. Going to build my first model soon!

  231. Great job!! It is awesome.

  232. Hope I’m the winner. It’s mine it’s awesome .

  233. I hope there would be more PG’s to give away…can’t wait!

  234. I just started this hobby after watching hobbylink japan video at youtube since I came to Japan 3 months ago. Right now already have all hg kits for gundam build fighters. Congrats for your 150’s episode, love the re-boot video. Hope I can win my 1st pg kit and bandai can make all gundam rg project after this.

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    In short, you can record the stream and up-load it to youtube for everyone to watch that missed it! His video description points you to topics being discussed, and you can click (for example) “2:35” so you can jump to that point quickly!

    Happy 150th episode, you guys have a dream job so keep having fun and enjoy it for now! Looking forward to talk to you guys on the live stream!

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    Continual self gifting is a problem with Gunpla TV and HLJ.

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    Are you coming to San Diego Comic-Con this year? If so, I’ll see you in about a month.

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    • I’m hoping that they have at least enough similarity in level of detail that they won’t look like an rg and an HG side by side… I ordered both of them since I want to keep the char-amuro rivalry going (also have the nu and Sazabi, both ver ka)…

      I agree, Syd would be able to tell us what the deal is since he’s seen both kits up close. What do you think, Syd?

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    that was long…
    Thanks for the infos about the 7/11, got myself the rx-0, I also found a shop in AKB that was reselling some of the 7/11 previous models.
    Also went to the G-dome, damn you guys should do one of your emissions there. Show to the world what the japanese did in Odaiba 🙂
    The Gundam Front is AWESOME!
    I’m pretty sure a lot of people would love to see on HLJ the Gundam Front products (couldn’t resist and brought back the two phenex 1/144 versions).
    About the Sinanju vera Ka: High five Syd! One of coolest 1/100 to build.
    I so agree ^^
    Japan was crazy, just whilling to settle there now.
    Thanks again for the infos and all you guys do for us.
    Come on Ryan go check out 00, Ms Igloo 2, and the other episodes of Unicorn, you love nice design, those should feat your expectations.
    Ah! almost forgot, the Neo Zeong is exposed in the Yodabashi Camera! Couldn’t resist, this thing is comming home whenever you recieve it.
    You guys rock the place! Keep it up!

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    Anyway, great series guys. A lot of info shared about the nuances of kits. Stuff I wouldn’t be able to find out about anywhere else. Guess Syd’s as particular as I am about value.

  401. Wow! That’s quite the giveaway! I’ve never assembled a PG, so I’m crossing my fingers that RNG will choose this comment.

    Very interested in hearing/seeing more of the Re 100 as they come out. I enjoyed the 1/100 scale NGs (my first model was of that scale), so it will be fun to see them in higher detail.

    Following on your discussion of the Kshatriya, how heavily do you think that the anime and other media appearances of various mobile suits affects your opinions of their corresponding model kits? (This might be hard for Ryan to answer until he has seen more series, but it would be great to hear both of your opinions! 🙂 )

  402. oh my god, this is the best haul ever. hopefully getting that 1/144 neo zeong. great episode as usual. Question, Syd and Ryan, what kits do you want to see in the RE/100 line.

  403. Did you guys shot the warehouse video on a saturday or something ? Looks way too quiet !

    Great to be able to compare both Kshatriya, I actually didn’t realize they were that many differences, especially with the funnels, original one remains my favorite.

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    Syd: ‘That’s what she said..’

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  434. ace said on June 26, 2014

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    the views of all mates on the topic of this article, while I am also eager of getting knowledge.

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