Sep 11

On Thursday, September 11, at 2pm JST Syd and Ryan are bringing you the first look at Bandai’s new line of RE/100 scale kits live on Gunpla TV.

Kits featured in this video:
1/100 RE/100 MSN-04II Nightingale by Bandai


  1. I’m excited. I love these live events.

  2. Georgia, USA here.

  3. Hello! My first time viewing a live event! Very curious about this kit, but I’ve been really underwhelmed by its looks so far…

  4. Hello Ryan and Syd, great show and the kit looks awesome!
    How are you guy doing a live show when most of Japan is on an emergency warning?

  5. Loving this guys!! Think you can complete the whole kit? Ryan, for the big butt, check out Booty America’s Got Talent on YouTube. Shoutout to my Gunpla mates in Boston and Hong Kong!

  6. hey, real quick advice for next time. It’s faster to cut all the pieces you need for one section at once, then assemble. Instead of going back and forth from runner to kit to runner to kit. 😉

  7. Thanks again guys! Love the live streams. Awesome kit. Can’t wait to build this beast.

  8. I do not know why, but I enjoy watching other people build model kits.. at least when I dont have my paws on the kit yet.

  9. cool stuff guys, once I build my mansion I will be able to buy these larger kits 😉

  10. Looks amazing, I hope we get some of the larger transforming suits from Zeta Gundam in this RE 1/100 line.

  11. Oh man Sid, great speed build of that first RE 100. Hopefully we’ll see it 100% finished with lining and decals to really see its potential.

  12. so cool!

  13. Dang. I missed it again. I can’t seem to do the math for the Japanese time zone. I’ll watch it time delayed, again.

    Good show fellas.

    Cheers from LA.

  14. Awesome video guys this thing is one big mutha I can’t wait to get mine

  15. Awesome vid. I can’t wait to see the review on the 2014 Ingram kit guys.

  16. nice episode guys!!! keep it up

  17. Awesome as always. Hey question syd since their doing more obscure mobile suits lately do you think we’ll see more grunt suits from zeta,seed, and 00. Been waiting for a galbaldy beta hg since i first watched zeta in 2008. I must give a shout out to all hlj employees for making hlj awesome.

  18. Nightingale doesnt look that impressive, probably more for the pros to scribe their own details…

  19. Wow this thing has a lot of junk in the trunk ( I like big butts and I can not lie)

  20. omg is awesome hahah

  21. Nice work!
    As I am more of a 1/100 guy, it’s good to see that NG/HG100 is back, even though they named it Reborn now. I’m really looking forward to the Mk. III. I hope, it will be reasonably priced.

  22. great live show watched it on youtube great build hopping to get this kits when it availible. im very new to the hobby but i watched your show trying to decide on my first kit and it was the sazabi ver ka my think if your going to start, start properly lol keep up the good work

  23. Hi Syd and Ryan, i hope you remember me from Indonesia 🙂
    I wanna ask about Mark Setter.
    does mark setter works great on newly attached waterslide decals? because, mostly people here said that mark setter only works effective on some old water slide decals already in a Kit. Does it works on Dry transfer and the RG’s Sticker Decals?

    thank you and i hope i won some Syd’s kit 🙂

  24. Hi Syd and Ryan Finally got time to watch the live event awsome Nightingale so getting it as soon as possible you guys rock

  25. great video guys. and that is one beautiful monster you built. looks like a simple build but looks great. can’t wait for the next special and your next episode.

    keep up the great work guys and stay awesome.

  26. Awesome! Awesome!

  27. I love you guys so much! Always show the best stuff in gunpla community.
    You are the best out there! Keep up guys!

  28. Wish i could work there with Syd. XD

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