Dec 26

On Saturday, December 26th, at 10am JST Syd on “GunPla TV” live-built Bandai’s new 1/100 MG V2 Gundam Ver. Ka!

Kits featured in this video:
1/100 MG V2 Gundam Ver.Ka


  1. i got the old version of this, but this looks more awesome.

  2. Wow that was a long wait

  3. That was pretty cool, i hope that you do more of these in the future, sad that i missed it being aired live. But Glad i got to watch it anyways, Way to go Syd, I think you just convinced me to buy one of these in the near future. Well, Hope you had a merry Christmas and have a happy New Years. I might be new to your show, but you have a fan for life.

    PS Maybe next time you do a live event you can do a little more hype work, i didn’t know this was happening until 6 hours after it was over.

  4. nice build! the level of engineering that went into this kit is crazy. it kinda reminds me of the bandai’s transforming valkarie kits; heard they could be a real nightmare to transform. looks like the v2’s head/torso module kinda has the same thing going on… . I’ve never been a big fan of mobile suit designs that feature the whole core fighter/separate leg & torso module thing (78-2 is about the only one that i’ll overlook since its where everything gundam started). that being said, i may have to pick up a v2 ver ka for myself simply based on the fact that its just so impressive that bandai appears to have incorporated the absurdities of this suit’s modular design in a model so well and made it look awesome while they were doing it, too! kudos to bandai and kudos to the gunpla tv team for another awesome live stream build! thanks guys!

  5. the frame on this kit is pretty intense.

  6. Question for you guys, would I get a silvering affect on my decals if I use them on a matte finish?

    • Yes, you probably would. If you have mark softer you may be able to get way with it but I wouldn’t advise putting decals over a flat/matte finish.

  7. Woah

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