Mar 25

On March 24, 2 PM JST Gunpla TV unboxed and assembled the newest in model technology from Bandai, the 1/100 High-Resolution Model Gundam Barbatos. Re-watch our Live Event to see what this new line has to offer.


  1. Perfekt if your sick in bed. And I am very curious about this line. Thx, x-actly what i needed right now.

  2. Thanks for the re-broadcast.

  3. Missed the orginal live cause there was no news about it on…. Maybe next time have it posted on the blog…
    And about the kits… its all bling ^^

  4. Let me guess the mace is gonna be pbandai

  5. Not related to the post, but is anyone else getting messages from random users asking you to email them? Two different people have done this to me so far, i haven’t emailed them because it seems very suspicious.

  6. Wow

  7. This High Res Model is Super Cool! Super expensive for my wallet though. Would rather get a Perfect Grade for that kind of money, though you do have to appreciate the fact that it has the die-cast frame. Can’t wait to have a look at this kit with the weapons in Episode 200!

  8. awesome.. thats all i can say.. love IBO kits..

  9. Omg, this is awesome! Can’t wait for HLJ to deliver to me….

  10. is there a chat room

  11. Who can tell me what bandai doing here fist rg, re than none grade iron blood and now high resolution it remind me takara transformers , what happen to mg now ,they got mg like gunpla builder .but now they don’t what bandai gone to do with mg ?

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