Dec 24

Similar to what happened with the PG Unicorn kit, we got our hands on the 1/144 RG Wing Gundam Zero EW a few days before it hits stores. So, we did what anyone with an insatiable desire for Gundam and a video blog would do: we built it in front of the camera to share with you all.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the RG!


  1. great episode! merry christmas to all at HLJ!

  2. Nice mechanics on the Zero. thank you for sharing and happy holidays

  3. The first model kit I ever built was the real grade freedom strike. It was about a month ago. Im hoping this rg wing is as awesome to build as the rg freedom strike. I Had a lot of fun building it.

  4. always wanted this in RG and will look glorious in person and built

  5. Nice Syd! Can’t wait for my own RG Wing Gundam Zero EW to be delivered from HLJ.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  6. Thanks for the video!
    In some lighting and camera angles it even looks like there is a pearl finish on the kit.
    Love the RG range, but don’t have even one… Maybe this will be my first.
    But it also gets me a bit pumped for a MG or even a PG variant!

    To all of the great folks of HLJ and members on this blog, happy holidays

  7. Nice kit, though I’ not a fan of the non UC timeline stuff.

  8. thanks for the review
    cant wait to get it

  9. A big, hearty Merry Christmas to everyone at HLJ.
    I have used you guys for several years now and always appreciate the great customer service.
    Good luck for the New Year.
    Ake Omeeee!!!

  10. Pretty sweet. The MS seems like one of the more simple RGs, but there’s more going on in the wings than I expected, and they look awesome.
    There’s one waiting in my private warehouse while I finish PG Unicorn. Will ship it with a RG GP01 and some other stuff soon. Looking forward to it.
    Thanks for another great video!

  11. Not really a big fan of the RG line, but great show still. Would you do a live build like this if a intresting MG kit comes out next year?

  12. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year HLJ!!!

  13. unbelievable!!! been waiting for this kit from ages!! thanks syd for this amazing video!

  14. seriously awesome, looks way better than my original endless waltz model

  15. Looks great and now I can get a 1/144 wing zero I have every other size of the kit but didn’t want the hg but this blows the hg out of the water, real grades are sweet and can’t wait for the oo raiser to come out

  16. I just got my first MG kit!!! A MG Musha Gundam MK- II!!! Merry Christmas HLJ and everyone reading this!!! (Although it’s a little late)

  17. I want this kit…I think it’s high time to replace the 1/144 HG in my shelf.

  18. Awesome looking kit! Thanks for the review.

  19. I’m so getting this along with gundam wing zero honoo… They will partner with my gundam fenice rinascita, so I’ll have a wing team >;D

  20. Awesome early build once again

  21. Gonna ring in 2015 with this RG!

  22. YEAA. The audio is finally back!!!

  23. Im a big fan of Gundam wing.. And because of this review… I just started my first gunpla! Thank u guys.. Keep on making more video… Peace!

  24. I can’t wait for mine to come in the mail from you guys! This video absolutely made me order one.

  25. Hey guys awesome episode! I was wondering, what would you suggest in terms of weathering kits as well as air brushes? I am new but plan to get an air brush hopefully this summer if not a little earlier and I really want to know what brand/model I should get. Also what master grade kits should I do? So far I have done the OVA Sinanju, and am working on the Blue frame Astray second revise. what re your suggestions? thanks Syd and Ryan!

  26. Great video and Gundam! Can’t wait for all WING GUNDAM kits in RG this year!

  27. @syd and @ryan I don’t know but the rest but …… I miss u guys. Hope to see guys guys soon. Like tomorrow maybe?

  28. Great build! Can’t wait to get this kit

  29. Is the give away still available?

  30. Great show as always!! Lets see bandai release a zeta ver 3! or ver ka

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