Sep 3

Last episode we showed a strange Gundam product but this week we’ve got something even wackier to show you (and it’s not Ryan’s tank).

Kits featured in this video:

Hobby Japan October 2012 w/AGE-1 Razor Conversion Parts
1/144 HG Gundam AGE-FX
1/144 HGUC RX-139 Hambrabi
1/35 EFGF M61A5 Main Battle Tank “Semovente” Phantom Element*
View the full album from Chara Hobby 2012



  1. Isn’t Blitz Gundam the one that can go invisible in the anime? Probably that’s the reason Bandai makes the gentai entirely clear 🙂

  2. Darn it Syd. You know how to make fellow gunplars jealous. You gotta bring that blitz back when its done

  3. The clear Blitz is probably Bandai’s attempt at making the Blitz model become invisible like in the show XD

  4. Syd,
    Do you think Bandai will create more 00 Master Grades?

  5. I currently live in Okinawa and I’d love to catch a beer with you guys sometime. I plan to come in to Tokyo sometime before or after Christmas. Maybe we can hook up!

  6. you should review another zoid like the berserk fuhrer or liger zero panzer .

  7. I just noticed that you are no longer taking orders for the MG Buster. Why is that?

  8. Syd,
    Gundam Age is in its last few episodes. Episode 46 just aired this past Sunday. The HGUC Delta Plus was the metallic finish, and the Clear kit was the AG Age-3 hence why it was so cheap. But I’m jealous you got that Blitz. Can’t wait to see the built product!

  9. yea gundam age is still running, the clear parts of the age fx are like the gn fangs from 00 or the dragoons from seed, just for x rounders

  10. Hi syd nice episode i have a question went will the age-fx restock, the age-fx sure is faat sold out,i really like to get on my hands on the age-fx thanks

  11. you should review another zoid like the berserk fuhrer or liger zero panzer

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