Nov 14
HLJ : Luke

This episode of Gunpla TV has something for everyone, but mostly for the geeks in us. Star Wars, Muv Luv, games and more!

Kits featured in this video:

Muv Luv Kits
Kotobukiya Diorama Chain bases
1/144 HG Genoace Custom
– Revell Star Wars Easykits


HobbyLink Japan Gundam


  1. The problem with the Takemikazuchi is that the feet is too weak to support the whole weight of the kit (which probably why the rest of the series gets stands for the limited first release), and that there were some joints that doesn’t uses polycaps which makes the movements too tight/loose and scary (especially the hands). Most of the problems were fixed in the Shiranui releases, altough they also comes with their own problems itself (the shoulders were too big & hinder some movement of the head and weapon holders, less articulated elbow compared to Takemikazuchi). But I’ll have to say that the Shiranui is the better kit with the fixes and more clear parts which at least makes it more show accurate looking compared to the Takemikazuchi which misses a lot of the clear part sections.

  2. Yo, nice video Syd and Ryan. Syd, I wanna ask you something on wrongly assembled parts for Bandai Model (so others snap fit models) kit, what or how would you separate the parts again so that you can make the correction to it? Thanks. I got many gundam models kits (old times) and got a lot of mis-fit parts, so whenever I wanted to separate it, the snap fit join sure got broken, can you please pin-point the way to do it, thanks.

  3. Do Zoids Liger ZERO and the jager and schneider!

  4. Hay guys I’m hoping that you can answer my question. I have a pg strike freedom and I’m having a problem with the wings. the first set of wings that should point south when in full burst mode are having Trouble Staying open and Spreading apart and there drooping. I think that the Pollycap has lost its strength because of how heavy the wings are. is there anything I can do to fix the wings so they can open up like there sopose to! And stay open!

  5. Thanks again for answering my question.

  6. I might be annoying you guys with my questions, sorry in advance, but I have another question that is more like a suggestion. I know Syd said he isn’t that good at dioramas, and I was actually hoping he would show us some tips on making dioramas. To hear that made me feel a little disappointed. So I thought: Why not have someone else (a popular/famous model builder who also does dioramas) appear as a guest on the show in a future episode(s) to show some tips and steps in making dioramas? If that is not possible, please tell us why. Once again, thanks for answering both of my previous questions.

  7. hey guys, im going to get my 1st gundam so i was thingking of a HG 1/144 scale kit. Which kit would you guys recommend me getting? Im looking for a kit that is worth its price. thx 🙂

  8. Ps. Just to clarify the Polly cap I’m talking about is the one that holds the two wings together. The Circular one. I would I would really appreciate your help.

    Thank you. Vince

  9. I was hoping on MG Aegis, but wow, the proto Dual Gundam (Assault Shroud) looks great too. I’m now saving up monies for it!

    I wonder if they’ll consider making the rest of the GAT-X series much like the WING series. :3

  10. can you guys do zoids?

  11. Thank you for answering my question.

    I would like to clarify a little bit with the clear parts. My question is actually directed more towards other clear color like the blue and red. Which the result is similar to cutting off gold plated or metallic parts.

  12. hey guys .. any chance to re-open the parts department… I really want to purchase some part for my gundam models….

    see you

  13. I’m doing a custom paint job on one of the 1/100 Hg Gundam Wing kits and I’m also am going to give it different weapons. I was wondering if the Kotobuiya weapon free style gun would fit one of these kits.

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