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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 57 – Correct Ryan’s mistake – MG Sandrock!

In this episode Ryan has a pop quiz, Syd enjoys the newest MG, and they find time to hit the Gunpla Expo in Akihabara

Kits featured in this video:

– 1/144 HG Genoace (RGE-B790)
– Going Merry Flying Model Version
– 1/100 MG Gundam Sandrock EW
– 1/100 MG Wing Gundam


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  1. I think is either you forgot to put the P20 at Step 12 or you never screw it in all the way.Hoper that will help

  2. I believe you put the P20 piece backwards.

  3. To Ryan… normally issues like that is an alignment issue. Kinda hard to tell by just the manual without seeing the actual parts. I have a feeling that it has something to do with that inset on section 14. That, or it may be section 11. But just by looking at the manual, my guess would be that inset.

  4. in step 9 p20-i it looks like has a part with teeth, so my guess is that that part was not put in as the teeth would provide the click

  5. I believe something went wrong at either steps #9 or #13, after looking at the instruction you posted something must have happened with either or both of the spring loaded pieces at those two points. Unfortunately that is my best guess without knowing or seeing the completed pieces personally >.<

  6. P12s on step 14 and 11 look like a locking mechanism, a latch. was it skipped or maybe put backwards? If its not in the right place it looks like it may not be able to latch and hold (thus click)

  7. Hi Syd,

    You have mentioned and shown that you build the gundam models before painting them. I was wondering if you have any tips you could share on how to disassemble completed gundam kits? I have started painting my kits and it would help to see them fully built before I started painting, but I am afraid of breaking and cracking pieces when I take the kit apart.


  8. Thank you for answering my question about citizenship. However, I have a new question, which is Gunpla related. An acquaintance of mine, who is also a Gunpla builder, told me that when panel lining it’s best to use grey rather than black on white plastic because it would give a better look. I tried it out and he was right. I would like to hear your opinion on this and to also know, which colour panel lining markers are best for which colour plastics?

    As for Ryan’s problem, I’ve posted my theories onto Youtube under ‘neonnwave’ in the comments.

  9. Hi Ryan,

    From the instructions it looks like Part P20 on step 12 controls the ratchet movement. I would guess the part is upside-down or it has to be oriented a certain way. If P20 has “teeth” they probably need to be pointing clockwise or counter clockwise to catch on any inside groves correctly. If you have seen a Revoltech figure’s joint I would imagine it’s working in a similar way.

    Hope this helps. And those instructions aren’t the best, it’s difficult to figure out what to do.


  10. Greetings Ryan and Syd, accordingly with the schematic in the assembly on the step 14 did you missed to put the piece p12-2, it looks like that piece is the lock of that articulation, the piece must be missing or it is inserted looking against the wrong side, the schematics point out that piece (the p12-2), must be placed with the ball and deepest angle faced down, or in the step 12 you missed put the piece p20-4 between the pieces p11-5 and p11-6.

  11. i think the piece on step 9, p-20-1 the one with the gears is what causes those clicking noises, so most likely, you either have put it upside down or not put it there at all.
    but i heard that piece that you were holding click once so maybe, the piece is inserted correctly, but you have not put the pieces on top and underneath it correctly.
    it could also be a case of you using the wrong screw/ not screwing them in correctly causing the piece to be loose and so the gears are not in contact and won’t click.

  12. Ryan, I think is the Step 14 where either the P12-2 isn’t inserted into the shoulder or you have assembled it wrongly. Nice video also.

  13. Hi Syd

    I purchased a 1/100 clear armor infinite justice / destiny gundam pack.

    I saw how you build the perfect grade strike with the clear armor parts.

    My question is that these clear parts are made with a much harder plastic than conventional kits. When I use nippers to cut the gate it’ll always leave a nasty white stress mark where the gate is due to the plastic being so hard. Using a knife gives a much better result but I feel like I need a saw to cut it off due to how hard it is to cut and it’s just unpractical to do that to every gate.

    So what is your preferred method of cutting gates off of parts?

    (maybe a quick tutorial in the next ep would be nice if its actually difficult to make a clean cut)

  14. i think the problem is either some where around step 9 with part 20 not lining up correctly or it wasn’t placed properly or it was forgotten something along that line but when i look closer at the part you showed hard to see with it only being showed for a second but i think the problem is some where between steps 12-14 with either some thing wasn’t placed right or was left out best thing would be to take the shoulder apart and rebuild it making sure you have all the right parts and not have a part confused with another similar one hope this helps but great show guys keep them coming there really great also ryan epic choice of a build I’m a huge fan of macross and cant wait to see it finished

  15. oh one more thing if it does come to taking the parts with springs in them apart a easy way to take them a part is to take a bread tie and tightly wrap them around the part so it doesn’t fly apart or take a clip of some sort and do it that way the only reason i brought this up is its a trick i’ve came up with to keep my hands out of the way and if it slips from my hand it doesn’t fly apart and lose a piece but this is just something that is a safety net and a bit of friendly advice

  16. To Syd

    Can I request if you could build the 1/1700 EX-19 Archangel used in the Gundam Seed in your next episode or in any of your up coming episodes in the near future?

    From Surferboy

  17. There is a typo in my question. I meant to write “He was sort of right”.

  18. I looked at a better scanned manuscript.

    Point 1 -Section 12, P20-(4) may have been placed inverted.

    Point 2- Section 14, the size of the spring used, make sure you use the correct size and it doesn’t really say what size, but it SHOULD be a medium size.

    Even though I wont get the Macross poster, do you know where I can get one? :3
    Big fan of Macross Frontier! 😀


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