Sep 20
HLJ : Luke

Ask us your questions on our facebook Episode 53 post and we will answer them in our next episode!

As promised in the last episode, we look at another line of snap-fit, sci-fi, plastic robot kits. This time it’s Super Robot Wars!  Ryan also inches ever closer to the completion of his Hasegawa Raptor and there’s a surprise at the end for which we need you!

Kits featured in this video:

1/144 HGUC RGM-96X Jesta
Sci-Fi Revoltech Optimus Prime
1/3000 SDF-1 Macross Transformable Unpainted Assembly Kit DX Ltd.

And check out the line of Super Robot Wars kits from Kotobukiya!


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  1. super robot wars are cool kit..

  2. I’m having problems painting a colored area white, I’ve primed the area (both gray and white) but the under color still comes through. Can you pls help?

  3. I wanna know how to properly use mark softer and mark setter. I’ve been trying it out for a bit and in my first attempts it ate the decal, what exactly did I do wrong?

    • the mark setter goes on the plastic surface before the decal, the softer goes on once the decal is in place, but don’t use too much or move the decal if you can avoid it once the softer is on.

  4. The more I see Ryan’s “Ita” Raptor, the more I want to build something similar as well, but 1/48 scale really is looking too big for me. I notice there are 1/72 scale equivalent for all of Hasegawa’s “Idolmaster” series plane, but does anyone know if the quality of the decal on these 1/72 scale remains the same as the 1/48 variant?

  5. Hi, first off thank you for having all these videos i am a begginer at gunpla and since i started building a couple months ago i am hooked! haha, any way i am wondering if you guys will have a “Air brush” video for gundam kits coming out ? i know you have a video about spray cans which is cool but since i am just starting to airbrush my kits i am wondering if you have any tips/tricks/ ideas etc

    keep up to good work and i appreciate your videos !

  6. can you make the vid longer

  7. do zoids next

  8. I have a couple questions. I am building a MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell kit and I have two sets of decals. One has a kind of clear back and the other has a kind of blue back but I don’t speak/read any Japanese so I was wondering if either are water decals. Also when I’m done I would like to put some kind of top coat on it. What kind of top coat would you recommend?
    Also I have noticed that you have a lot of duplicate posters hanging on the wall behind you in your episodes. There isn’t much in way of Gundam paraphernalia in the part of the USA that I’m from so would yall possibly send me some if you would be so kind? If you can’t or something then don’t worry about it. Thank you for your videos and your help.

    • @ Matthew one will be stickers and the other rub on transfers. The ones with the thin paper backing are the rub on dry transfers so handle with care.

  9. @luke: Ok but what about the other set of decals? I have one sheet of normal sticker that have the eyes and such and I have two sheets of decals. Are they both dry transfers or could one of them be water slides as well?
    Thanks for your help!

  10. I have a bit of a question. Do you guys still carry the Tamiya Thin Cement? I can’t find it anywhere on the site.

  11. if i want to put on water slide decals, do i hav to use mark softer or mark setter or can i just slide it on and leave it be.

  12. tx so much just bought a tamiya 1/48 panzerkampwagen 4 tank. cant wait to build it now. great job with the longer eps. now its like a tv series.

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