Jun 27
HLJ : Luke

More Bandai Plamo! While we’ve all seen our fair share of Plamo from Bandai, the new Danboru Senki is unique enough that we wanted to show it on Gunpla TV. This episode also has newbie Ryan continuing his Yamato and on the show he professes his love for something other than Gundam which causes some friction during the shoot.

Kits featured in this video:

LBX Kunoichi
LBX Achilles
1/3000 SDF-1 Macross Transformable Unpainted Assembly Kit DX Ltd.
1/100 MG Epyon
1/500 Space Battleship Yamato

Check out more Danboru Senki here and also Mobile Suit Gundam Age.


HobbyLink Japan Gundam


  1. HURAy…….. Scott is finally decided to build the Lexus LFA………
    Ganbateh….. Keep up the good work…..

  2. really nice episode! wow

  3. Joe said on June 28, 2011

    Firstly, WOW! You guys have way too much fun on these shows, which means I’m have way too much fun watching them! Another great episode, full of fun stuff. I cannot wait for my Epyon to arrive! You guys should post a translation of the rules of the Danboru Senki game for the non-Japanese-speakers here. If we can play it, we’ll buy it!!! 😉

  4. Nice episode, it was fun. Looking forward toward the LFA. I’ve been interested in car models but, never tried it. Maybe seeing how its done might change my might change that. I wonder if Gundam Origin will have some gunpla as well?

  5. HA! that why most of us picked the LFA Scout hahahah
    Goodluck with the build

    how about a piano black finish ? ;p

  6. That kit of the Macross has some really nice features, including some stuff that’s not included with the pre-painted version… Option parts (resin) for a destroyed version of the main cannon, alternate foot thrusters, and same-scale Valkyries on launch arms (photo-etched metal)… Think about it, that’s 1:3000 scale, those fighters are around 4mm long… And they include everything you need to show them launching off those ARMD carriers.
    ‘Course, as amazing as that kit is… It can’t compare with the recently released Hasegawa VF-11. And you call yourselves Macross fans? Wait, technically you didn’t… well, the SDF-1 kit you reviewed is the movie version, it wasn’t even in “Robotech.” 🙂

    • @George if you haven’t noticed Ryan is not really into all the tech stuff. It’s big, it’s cool and comes with heaps of parts, to him thats full of win.

  7. Dan said on June 28, 2011

    Great show, liked all the stuff you guys covered. The turret gimmick is really cool. I know you are busy Syd, but is there any chance you could do a quick translation of the Epyon comic? Nothing too detailed if you don’t have the time. A quick summary would be good.

    Can’t to start working on my own Epyon. Do you have any advice on how to fix mistakes on the colored pieces? I can’t imagine I would find that as a stock color in hobby shops.

  8. Gundam Age, the gundam with a car spoiler. XD Interesting.

    When I was a kid, I built some car kits, tanks and the like. Moved onto War Hammer 40k then finally Gundam. I am looking forward to boss builds.

  9. Fair enough – it’s just cool, is all!

  10. can wait for the LFA to be built … say , how`s about a matte blue color ? 😛

  11. The iTunes version of the video has some duplicated audio starting around 11:25.

    • @Patrick i think Itunes has stuck it in the cache so will have to wait for them to update their slow cache before the new version shows up!

  12. Hi guys, great episode, i really like the macross SDF-1 kit, i’ve bought one myself, hope you guy will consider a tutorial on building this great kit. Thanks and have a nice day:)

  13. Nice to see another line of model kit get the spotlight here. The LBX seems to be a model kit + console gaming multi-platform franchise.

    I read a rumor or two about the potential of the console game being released in the West, which might pull the model kit line across the sea as well. It would be nice if it does happen.

    As for the LFA Boss Build. One thing I really want to see is how you will polish up the car body to a shiny gleem after painting, and how to glue transparent parts without the plastic crazing. So I’ll look forward to that!

  14. Oh man the 1/3000 SDF-1 looks so sweet. I just hope it stays in stock until I can scrap up the cash to buy one. For that much plastic and detail it seems like it will be worth every penny (or appropriate smallest unit of currency XD )!

  15. Kudos to HLJ! Thanks for giving us a great episode. It’s always great to see something new.

    I know this is a bit of the topic. Syd, could you tell me what colors did you use to paint your yellowbird’s beam rifle? I was impress on how the way it looked. Really appreciate the help mate.

  16. wow i cant wait to get my yamato some day along with the sdf-1 and the mg nu

  17. Lol, this show is awesome. You can easily tell that you appreciate like model building. This is a fun and informative show, shot by model builders for model builders. I value the time and care it takes to put together the episodes as well as the hobbylink.tv wesbite. Keep putting out good stuff.

  18. Yess, LFA it is !!!

    Don’t do an ordinairy color like black, blue or red.

    Let’s make him in this color, it must look beautiful on it.

    or something like this :

  19. I wish hobbylink japan could build Tamiya Rc car or Tamiya Mini 4WD Car

  20. I am Sorry for writing the same guestion three time because my computer went down

  21. I hope next time you will build a MG Blue Frame Second Revise. And give some tips to make it look more cool. 😀

  22. are you guys selling the oo leds at hlj

  23. GO BOSS!!!! Hope to get a lot of tutorials from you!!

  24. you guys showed the dendrobium and id love for you guys to build it !

  25. it’s using quicktime player 🙁
    ok i’ll go to youtube and watch it

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